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How To Spend Your First Salary!

Dear Sir, INR Rs. xxx has been deposited to A/c No. xxx

This has got to be one of our most favorite messages to receive on the last day of every month! Getting your salary at the end of the month is always a great feeling and this joy is doubled when the payment in question is your first earning. Your first salary is quite a significant milestone in your life. It is symbolic of your independence, your transition from being a child to an adult and the starting point of a significant journey. Needless to say, when you get your first pay-check you are left so blindsided that you don’t quite understand what to do with it really. To bring you back on track, we’ve put together some really cool ways as to how you can spend your hard earned money!

First salary trip

Go on a Trip

You first pay-check marks your independence. With it you have the freedom to do want, when you want and one of the best ways to spend your salary is on your first trip by funded by yours truly. If you look carefully, you’ll find plenty of options nearby that make for great weekend getaways. Be it a bike ride by yourself, a road trip with some of your closest friends or a train journey through beautiful fields, going on a trip with your first salary has a different kind of excitement and adventure attached to it. Some great places to visit are Spiti Valley up North, Coorg and Ooty down South among others. But remember, with independence comes responsibility, so if you do end up going on that first solo trip with your first salary, make sure you take it on responsibly!

first salary treat

Treat Yo’Self

Needless to say, your first salary is like your very first victory. It is symbolic of all the hard work, toil, one-nighters and weekends that you’ve spent sweating it behind your laptop, so treating yourself to something luxurious, relaxing and indulgent is something that you deserve to do with your first pay-check. Here’s a suggestion, why not treat yourself to a spa day? we’re taking about the works here, a full body massage, a complete cleanse, a manicure & pedicure combo with a haircut to tie it all together. Such an experience can be pretty thrilling and if you pick the right spa, you will be spoilt rotten not only by the lavish treatment that you will receive there, but by all the choices as well! So don’t hold back, book yourself a day long appointment at the spa and gift yourself a day of pampering!

first salary shopping

Shop till You Drop

Need we say more? First salary is almost synonymous with a daylong shopping spree with your bestie. When it comes to this one, we suggest you don’t leave any stone unturned. Pick a Saturday or a Sunday and take the entire day to go through each and every shop on your wish list. From clothes to shoes, from make up to accessories, you name it and you’ve got it. Shopping and buying something with your first salary has a sense of excitement and accomplishment that can’t be compared, for all you know you may even remember the first thing that you bought for yourself with that money. And don’t just stop there, treat yourself to a great lunch in between at your favorite restaurant (one that you probably couldn’t afford before) to refuel yourself for some more shopping fun.

first salary savings

Save Some

While shopping and going on a road trip is great, one of the things that you absolutely have to do with your first salary is save some of it. The importance of saving a tidy little sum from every month’s salary is several fold and while at the moment saving some of what you have may seem unnecessary and even difficult, it is a practice that you should make a habit. Without savings, unforeseen events can become a large financial burden, and at the end of the day, your savings acts as your safety net and it becomes your foundation towards becoming more financially independent with every month. And look at it this way, if you manage to save, you’ll always have a little bit stashed away for a rainy day.

salary earning parents gift Titan watch set

Thank Your Parents

At the end of the day, it’s because of your parents that you’ve reached where you are today, and will continue to support you for the years to come. So, when you get your first pay check it is only apt that you get something for the two people who gave birth to you and supported you unconditionally! Looking for some ideas? Well, we’ve got one for you. Why not give your parents a gorgeous set of his and her watches from Titan?! Elegant, sophisticated, classy and practical as well, you’ll get all kinds of lovely timepieces from Titan that are perfect for the occasion and in various price ranges as well. And if you think about it, gifting something that is so timeless like a classic watch set is pretty perfect for the people who will stand by through the test of time! Trust us, gifting your parents something with your first salary will give you a sense of satisfaction like nothing else.

Your first pay-check is the reward and proof of your hard work and perseverance, which ought to be spent on things that puts a smile on your face and of the ones you love.

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