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How To Start Your Own Social Network

Social networks have become a very integral part of our lives. Be it for business or pleasure, no one can ignore the influence of social network. In fact, research shows that from here on now, the percentage of users on social media will see nothing but an upward climb.

What makes it so addictive and efficient is that with social networking you get to see fast, real time ROI which was never possible with traditional media. If you’re not already on it, here’s a quick guide to some social network essentials that are bound to stand good stead for when you get started.

Brand building social media

Build The Brand

The best part about the social network is that it is entirely your own and you can start afresh from scratch. One of the first things to do when you start a social network is build a brand. This brand could be your company, the agency you’re working for or most importantly, yourself. The importance of brands is more valued today than it was in the past. At this early stage, it is crucial to remember three things a. vision, b. mission and c. goal and align them to your brands philosophy and ethos. The creative process of building your brand from the start is a step that cannot be avoided, the stronger it is the better!


Build A Community

Once you’re done conceptualising your brand, the next step is to get the word out there and the best way to do this is through a community. A community on social networking sites comprises a conglomeration of likeminded individuals who show a shared interest in the brand ideology that you’re selling. We can all name a hundred friends that we share space with on social sites but when it comes to separating the people who you’ve managed to influence in the right manner, the list comes down to a dozen. Facts state that social networks are one of the fastest growing and one of the most reliable word of mouth medium and if managed correctly, it is this community that will become your most loyal fans, your most valued stakeholders and your most significant brand ambassadors.

social media content

Create Great Content

Building a brand and a community is great, but what’s the use of either if you don’t have the right content or messaging in place? As the saying goes – content is king, and whoever said this couldn’t be more accurate. In a world where everybody is speaking a dime a dozen, crafting exclusive content which serves a purpose is very difficult and very unique. Remember it is not about quantity as much as it is about quality. You could regurgitate content every minute, but the question to ask yourself is whether it is truly having the desired effect on the community or not? Whether it is motivating them towards understanding and supporting your end goal or not? Whether it is intriguing them enough to keep coming back to you or not? If your answer is in the affirmative for all the above questions, then you’ve got content in the bag!

customize social media


If the name of the game is social network, then the way to play it is customization. As people on the social network continues to climb, the need for customized and personalized experiences are rising as well. In order to break the clutter, one needs to start off with a bang and what better way to do it than providing an experience unlike any other. While customizing, providing content that connects with each group of user to the point that they feel like it’s their own, should be the end goal. Everybody out there is looking for something that is seems like it’s made only for them but there’s nothing that a good dose of customisation can’t fix!

social media integrate


One of the best things that social network offers is the scope for integration. No man can exist as an island and nether can the art of social network. One of the basic things one should understand about social network is that it’s not meant to be seen as a standalone tool. One of the primary advantages of using social media marketing is that you obtain numerous links to your website and blog from multiple sources.  Also, if integrated intelligently with mainstream marketing tools, it will help manifold to enhance your brand.

Nothing is impossible if you ask the right questions and work towards a clear cut goal. Gone are the days of satellite TV and radio, it’s time to get social!

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