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Inheritances That Are Better Than Money

Have you ever wondered what is more valuable than money?

Those of us who have had the fortune (or misfortune :p) of inheriting money from the family will know what a surreal feeling it is. It’s almost like your fairy Godmother or Godfather decided to wave a wand over your head and shower you with blessings. However, have you ever thought that there are things that are far more invaluable than money?! Yes, it does feel good to get some, but the satisfaction, awe and appreciation that you experience when you inherit a family heirloom or a collection of old books that have been passed down from one generation to the other, is priceless. Below are a few things that count as super cool and unusual inheritances, that evoke a sense of incomparable awe.

timeless priceless invaluable inheritance library

The Family Library

If you’re a bookworm, then this one’s a real humdinger! Imagine if one day you woke up to hear that you’ve inherited your entire family’s library. A library that houses books for decades or even centuries maybe – it is a thrill cannot be explained in words! (ironically). For some, the smell of old books and the feel of an aged hard cover on a cold, rainy day is synonymous with unbound joy. A library filled with books is not only something that you can keep and cherish forever, but imagine the amount of knowledge you’ll be sitting on, more valuable compared to any amount of money, right!

timeless priceless invaluable inheritance jewellery

Old Jewellery

One of the few things there is better than money is jewellery, and if the jewellery in question has been in your family for generations, then all the better. Let’s face it, craftsmanship and skill, like it did in our grandparents’ age and time, does not exist anymore. While today, we’re all about the mass, decades ago, originality and exclusivity ruled the roost. Which is also why, inheriting a piece of jewellery (or a whole casket full of them) probably holds a lot of value, given the fact that its significance has always occupied a high position in Indian culture. Till today, jewellery, is considered to be one of the best forms of investment and are seen to have an intricate connection with our past heritage.

timeless priceless invaluable inheritance photo album memories

A Photo Album

Sometimes, inheritances need not come in the form of money or something that can be weighed. Sometimes, the best kind of inheritance are those that can be cherished and preserved forever, which is why a photo album containing memories of the entire family is one of the best things to get. The reason why photo albums make a great inheritance is because you can literally take a journey back in time with your loved ones, members of the family who you perhaps didn’t get a chance to meet in person even. Inheriting a photo album is something you can get a lot of satisfaction from, because, money comes and goes, but memories stay forever.

timeless priceless invaluable inheritance timepiece pocket watch

A Pocket Watch

Imagine inheriting something that not only was in fashion decades ago, but still continues to be so. A pocket watch is a timeless piece of accessory that as relevance ages after it was used. Back then, what was a functional time keeping device, today, is seen as a priceless piece of possession. If you happen to have inherited one of these, then you have a distinctive statement that combines your family history with a design that probably can’t be found for sale anywhere anymore. At the end of the day, when it comes to timeless beauty, fashion, irrefutable class and a symbol of sophistication, very few things come close to a pocket watch!

timeless priceless invaluable inheritance antique

Family Heirloom

Last but not the least, one of the best things you can inherit from your family are heirlooms. We’re talking about anything ranging from manuscripts to antiques, from jewellery to artifacts that have been with the family for generations – the value of inheriting piece of heirloom is priceless. What makes them all the more immeasurable in terms of value is that they are concrete connection between you and your family’s past and traditions. Passing on these family heirlooms is important for children to understand the meaning of family and how they are but one small part of a long and rich history.

Truly, there are certain things that that are far more valuable than money!

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