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Is Your Cell Phone Killing Your Confidence?

Are you a prisoner of your phone?

In the 21st century, a life without cell phones cannot be imagined and obviously so. From day to day functioning to excelling in our professions, a lot happens thanks to the little device that we carry around with us all the time. Yes, staying connected is essential, but is it always necessary? Technological advancement has been overwhelming and the evolution from the first handset to the incredible multipurpose devices that we have today is pretty incredible. But has this evolution happened too fast and too soon? As the population steadily grows more inclined to not being able to function without their cell phones, it has been observed that they’ve become somewhat like an ‘immune system’ to us, in the sense that we grow more and more dependent on communication technology to feel reassured that everything is going to be alright. While an evangelist in its own way, what we may not realize is that our mobile phones are perhaps taking away some of the more important things from us, like our ability to function independently, our ability to be self-sufficient and our ability to develop ourselves into confident individuals with a mind of our own. Just like everything else in the world, we too need to strike a balance between our affinity to our devices and our ability to do without them. Cell phones are great, but here are a few things that your cell phone is killing along with your confidence.

The Moment

Life is like a scrapbook, made up of several moments that make up memories and these moments are meant to be cherished and celebrated. At the end of the day, life is too short and it really does fly by very quickly. In the blink of an eye, everything changes and what you thought was yours suddenly fades away, out of your reach. In order to justify these beautiful moments, one needs to live in them. This however is not possible if all we do is have our noses buried in our cell phone screens. So, instead of allowing your device to kill precious moments which you will never get back, put down your phone and take a moment to enjoy them.


Creativity is the fuel that keeps us going. It is what sets the ordinary apart from the extraordinary. Creativity’s best friend is an open mind and a free spirit. The more you explore and the more you broaden your horizons, the more creative you become. Creativity loves to see new things, feel new sensations and enjoy new experiences. So what is keeping us from becoming more creative individuals? Unfortunately, our addiction to our cell phones. Constantly having something that tells us what to do and where to go completely kills the wonder of stumbling upon something new and getting dazzled by its surprises. Therefore, for the love of creativity, let’s put our phones down and take a moment to let our inner artist fly.

Face-to-Face Interaction

There used to be a time when talking to people was considered an exciting activity, something that we would look forward to. Whether it’s the first time you’re meeting someone or catching up with old friends, the charm of a face-to-face interaction cannot be matched. These days such interactions are far and few. It’s almost as if as a collective group, we’ve all forgotten how to have a conversation with another person or are afraid to look at people in the eye when we speak to them. When it comes to the steep decline of face-to-face conversations, cell phones are the primary culprit. We are so engrossed with talking to people through a screen that we’ve forgotten the joy of talking to someone in person. And the only way to respect the connected culture that we live in is by putting our phones down and looking at someone in the eye and let it flow from there!

Conversations & Relationships

Enjoying a relationship is not about showing off, it’s not about how much money is spent on each other or ow many texts you send to each other, it’s about the quality of the time spent together and how happy you make the other person(s). Similarly, conversations are supposed to comprise laughter, memories, joy and are meant to be spoken and not typed. With cell phones being the primary focus of our attention, things that really matter, like conversations and relationships have taken a back seat. The status many people give to this small multi-functional gadget in their lives has become distorted, taking up far too much importance than it really should. The more time we spend communicating through texts in a virtual world, the harder it becomes to learn the skills required to create a lasting, loving, inter-dependent relationship.

Real Purpose of Life

Last but not the least, cell phones take away from us the real purpose of life. Our existence comprises several little situations and circumstances, some of which are good and others which we could honestly do without. Nevertheless, each of these situations deserve our full attention, time and energy. However, if we’re so busy trying to Whatsapp someone here and Facebook someone there, how are we to justify our time spent on these situations? “Everything we do is a choice. Even not choosing is also a choice, so it is entirely in our hands whether the cell phone is a useful tool or a threat to the quality of your life!”

People deserve your presence, your profession deserves your presence, your life deserves your presence. Put down your phone and let your confidence speak for itself!

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