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Juxt Pro for the Digital Nomad – Top Tips

For the digital nomad, the entire world is an oyster.

The world that we live in today, is a digitized world – a place where anything and everything is done digitally. From scheduling meetings to catching up with friends and family, digital is the name of the game and you have you have to be able to keep up with it. In a digital world, the need to move around governs life, staying still is not an option. Whether its professional or personal, everything must happen on the go and more importantly, you must be fast enough to adapt to it. The life of a digital nomad may seem to be quite difficult, impersonal and impossible on some levels as well, but we’re here to tell you that with the right kind of equipment and technology, you’ll check all boxes on your list without any hassles and the Titan Juxt Pro is exactly what you’re looking for. Here’s how and why.

Receive Notifications

A large part of the lifestyle of a digital nomad is to be able to stay connected while he is on the move and when you have the Titan Juxt Pro strapped to your wrist, you’re one step closer to achieving it. The Juxt Pro never lets you miss an important business call or a dinner date while managing all appointments in your calendar seamlessly. With this smart smartwatch, you will be able to sync your calendar, add, edit and delete events with ease and get reminders sent to your watch on time.

Control Camera

Many would argue that a camera, be it a traditional one or one that comes with your phone, is one of the best and most important things to have on you, and rightfully so. When life goes by faster than the speed of light, we do whatever it takes to ensure that all the special moments are captured and what better way to capture life than through a series of pictures. Ushering in the new era of camera control, The Titan Juxt Pro will ensure that nothing short of a heartbeat is missed.

Store Music

Music is life, without it we all would be incomplete. From beating the early morning blues to getting through a tough day at work; from coping with difficult times to celebrating something enormous, wherever we go, our music follows. Here too, the Titan Juxt Pro proves its superiority. With just a tap on your wrist, enjoy your favorite music on your watch or sync it seamlessly with your phone. The built-in music app makes it easy to create playlists, store music, navigate different sound tracks and control the volume, turning the Juxt Pro into your ultimate entertainment device. Move over pods, it’s time to welcome the smartwatch era!

Track Fitness

In today’s day and age, keeping fit and healthy plays a very important role. When you’re a digital nomad, you often ignore the little things in life like whether you’re eating on time, exercising enough and resting enough, because who has the time to monitor all these things, right? But, we’re here to tell you that these things are way too important to be ignored. But every problem has a solution and with the Titan Juxt Pro, you can track your fitness on the go. Move the way you want and the Juxt Pro will track your steps, distance covered and calories burnt. Whether it’s about staying motivated with timely updates on your progress or setting a personal best by comparing your activity levels. The Juxt Pro is designed to help you push your limits and get you closer to your fitness goals.

Be Who You Are

Last but not the least, originality, today, is probably one of the most effective tools that you have for yourself when it comes to achieving your goals – no one ever got anywhere by playing the ‘imitation game’! The Titan Juxt Pro, allows to you be yourself and preserve your uniqueness in a world where people can’t decide whether to follow the herd or break away from the pack. With enhanced notifications that enables you to read text messages, answer or mute calls, scan e-mails, get updates from social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter among many more, the Juxt Pro allows you to do a whole lot more.

Wherever you go, with Titan Juxt Pro, you get to carry your world with you.

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