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Keep That Post Workout Hunger at Bay

Where there’s a will, there’s a way!

You’ve managed to get out of work on time (one of those rare occasions), you’re ready and pumped up to hit the gym, maybe even for the first time in weeks you’ll to get to your yoga class on time, all geared up to sweat it out for the next hour. You’ve had a good workout session, you’re proud of accomplishing what you have and you’re more motivated than ever to make all your fitness goals come true. But, uh-oh, what’s that? is that your stomach rumbling, threatening to take your efforts of the last one hour down the drain? Is that your body telling you to ditch the salad and go for the double cheese burger instead? We’re sure this happens to most of us and that too more frequently than we care to admit. Post workout hunger pangs can really dampen a good session. Between keeping our cravings under control and ensuring that we get the required nutrition after a good long hour at the gym is a balancing act that can become tough to achieve. But, if you plan ahead and work in a systematic manner, there are ways of getting around those pitfalls. Post workout hunger is natural, when your body exerts so much energy it is natural for it to want something to replenish it. The trick here is to follow the right routines that will not only help your body recuperate but allow it to maintain a healthy balance as well. Here’s a post workout hunger management program which will help everyone make the right choices after a session.

Water to the Rescue

After a workout your best friend should be a bottle of water. Irrespective of whether it’s before, during or after a workout session, re-hydration is key. This is primarily because supplying your body with water not only keeps it well hydrated which in turn ensures optimum functionality, but it also helps curb your cravings and control your appetite. When we drink enough water after a workout, it fools our brains into thinking that it’s receiving food and besides, the emptiness in our stomachs isn’t necessarily caused by hunger, but by our body’s need to re-hydrate itself.

Pre-Workout Meals

One of the best ways to control a post workout binge is by ensuring that we get enough to eat before we actually begin our sessions. Pre-workout meals and/or snacks are great for building energy and sustenance which gets us through our exercise time. The best sort of pre-workout meals is those that are high in proteins, vitamins and are light and easy to digest – bananas, a handful of nuts, an organic energy bar, low fat yogurt and fruit smoothies are some great examples. Moreover, once you’ve had a wholesome meal before you begin your routine, the chances of battling cravings post the workout reduces considerably.

Keep a Food Journal

Maintaining a detailed food journal of what you eat when, how many calories you’re allowed for the day and how much you’ve already consumed out of that limit always helps. A detailed chronicle helps you have a better understanding over what is going inside your body as well as build some self-control. It’s all a game of calories vs calories and the only way to keep track is by keeping a food journal. Always remember, your best bet in any sort of trying situation is yourself. Once you convince your body and mind to abstain and indulge respectively, nothing can stop you from keeping those post workout hunger pangs at bay!

Occupy Your Mind

An idle mind is a devil’s workshop – so very true! It’s usually when our mind is left unoccupied that it begins to wander and when our minds begin to wander all sorts of ideas (good, bad and the ugly) starts flowing in. While this applies in most situations, post a workout is when we’re usually most vulnerable and our minds more prone to wandering. At times like this, the best thing to do is keep yourself occupied. Find a hobby, an activity that relaxes you and allow it to consume you. It could be anything from reading a book, watching your favorite show on Netflix, listening to music to taking a long and relaxing bubble bath!

Get Enough Sleep

Last but not the least, research says that sleep deprivation is one of the main causes for hunger pangs and irrational cravings. One of the cardinal rules when it comes to a good workout is to get enough rest and relaxation in because without it, we stop functioning properly and our muscles begin to fatigue. According to a study in UC Berkeley if you don’t get enough sleep “then you are more likely to reach for high-fat, high-calorie foods than for healthier choices such as leafy green vegetables or whole grains.” The best way to get this due rest and relaxation in is by ensuring that we get enough sleep at night. Therefore, if you want to keep that post workout hunger at bay then stop yourself from snoozing and get a good night’s rest instead.

Whether it motivating yourself to work-out in the first place or maintaining a healthy balance afterwards, when you have a plan and you stick to it, even the most difficult of things become achievable.

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