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Lessons in Nostalgia Marketing From Stranger Things

“Mornings are for coffee and contemplation.”

The last few years have truly been a testimony to good television. From epic dramas to spine tingling thrillers, from side splitting comedies to moving documentaries, gone are the days when you feel like you want to watch something and there’s nothing to keep you entertained. Moreover, with services such a Netflix offering consumers high quality content it’s rare that you won’t find something catering to the taste and liking of the modern day millennial. Of all the series’ to have taken the world by storm, ‘Stranger Things’ happens to stand out for more than one reason that is compelling enough. If you’re unfamiliar with this particular Netflix Original Series, ‘Stranger Things’ has grown to become a sort of cult and banks heavily on the concept of nostalgia marketing. Anybody who is in the industry and holds a job in marketing will know the importance of making an emotional connect with its consumers and how important roles like nostalgic memories have to play when it comes to gaining consumer interest and loyalty. From fantastically fresh storytelling to a captivating plot line, ‘Stranger Things’ has it all which made it one of the most watched shows to have ever been released. Drawing some major reference from classics that took the world by storm during the 80s and the 90s, if one thing ‘Stranger Things’ does right is nostalgia marketing and leveraging this concept to keep its viewers hooked on, always waiting for more. Naturally, if you think about it, businesses and smart brands have lots to learn when it comes utilising this tried and tested concept of leveraging familiar feelings to create products and experiences that immediately make a connect between the brand and it’s consumers. If you’re wondering what the best way to get this up and running is, then perhaps this quick guideline to lessons in Nostalgia Marketing from ‘Stranger Things’ is a good place to start.

Emotional connect

Nostalgia marketing is all about creating an emotional connect with your consumers. Research suggests that when you’re able to evoke a sense of nostalgia and familiar memories with your end consumers with respect of a product or a service that is being offered, the chances of it becoming a success is much higher than when you do not. ‘Stranger Things’ with it heavy reference of a by-gone era of style, fashion, trends and concepts, proved this theory to be true.

Mix of old and new

This world is all about evolution. Irrespective of what industry it is, if what is being offered does not match up to the expectations, then chances are that it will flat line faster than you can imagine. Yet, inspite of our need to always be ‘up to trend’, there’s something endearing altogether when the service is question reflects a mix of both the traditional and the modern. ‘Stranger Things’ teaches us that this perfect blend of old-school and contemporary is what every business needs to turn it into a success.

Creativity is key

Five years ago, the rule of the land was a lot simpler. Businesses had to create a product or a service that filled an essential consumer gap and voila, they had themselves a trump card that no one else could beat. However, with time, demands of the consumer increased and became more specific, which when creativity became an integral part of the game. From ‘Stranger Things’ we learn that today, the more creative and innovative you are, chances are that what you’re selling is all the more unique and therefore in demand.

Attention to details

Though creativity is important, it is not the only thing that takes a business from being ordinary to extraordinary. Along with creativity, every business needs to ensure attention to detail. There’s a difference between offering a consumer a product or a service as opposed to an experience. The minute you start creating experiences, that’s when you realise that along with a great service you’re getting consumers who will stay for a lifetime, always wanting more, just like the viewers of ‘Stranger Things’!


Last but not the least, thing that go around comes around. Trends have this rather curious way of taking a full circle and coming back to the industry with a bang. One of the most popular themes today is throwback, the influence of which can clearly be seen on multiple social media platforms. The reason why it is so popular is because when we are confronted with things that surfaces feelings of deep connection and care, we are more likely to act upon it. This is further corroborated by Webster, where nostalgia which closely associated with a good old throwback is ““pleasure and sadness that is caused by remembering something from the past and wishing you could experience it again.” This feeling of nostalgia can reduce stress, increase feelings of connectedness — and even influence us to make a purchase.” Kudos to ‘Stranger Things’, once again, for bringing back to the forefront what every business needs if they’re looking to capitalise on the concept of nostalgia marketing.

Sometimes, the things you thought you had left behind, takes a full circle only to come back where it always belonged.

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