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Life hacks for a better 2017

When nothing goes right…go left!

Life, sometimes, can feel like a test that you didn’t study for. It’s like when you’re studying the syllabus and you’re sure that you can leave one section out because the chances of it coming in the question paper are next to nothing and then when you go for the exam, lo and behold, that’s the first thing you see! However, despite its unexpected curve balls, this life that we have is pretty amazing and when things start going a little south, we should do what we can to steer it back, right onto track. Just like everything else, life too has its share of hacks that helps people stay strong and this bunch of handy life hacks will ensure that you start 2017 on the right foot.

Quit A Bad Habit

We all have bad habits. It’s not unnatural and neither is it something that should throw us off track. However, big or small, we all have a few things that we should change, that we more often than not, end up not doing anything about. One of life biggest hacks is to start small and then go big, so is the same with bad habits. Start pinpointing all the small things that you would like to stop or change about yourself and then work towards eliminating them one at a time before moving on to the bigger ones.

Manage Your Money

Money comes and money goes, it’s a way of life and it pretty much happens with everyone. However, whether you’d like to admit it or not, we’ve all been in a position (maybe we still are) where we’ve got that feeling that this equation is not really balanced. For this generation, ‘savings’ is a myth and while we would like to have a lump sum kept away for a rainy day, we often end up spending more than we should. Which is why, managing money from the very beginning is such an important life hack, one which we should practice from the very start.

Strategy & Willpower

Strategy and willpower are two things that go hand in hand. In life, if you want to hack it, you must have a strategy and if you want to follow through with your strategy, you must have willpower. If you want to get ahead, the questions that you must first ask are ‘how?’ and ‘with what?’ In case you were wondering what the answer to the respective questions are, then strategy and willpower is what you’re looking for. This new year, the biggest thing that you can do to ensure smooth sailing for the 12 months ahead of you is to promise yourself these two things.

Work Improvement

Life is a rat race and if you’re not fast enough chances are that you’ll be left behind. Having said so, no one wants to be left behind, no one wants to stand and watch from the quicksand as friends and colleagues surpass expectations and go on to reach new heights of success. This is where work improvement comes in as a brilliant life hack. Think of ways that you can work harder as well as smarter, think of ways to raise the bar and push yourself, even if it means burning the midnight oil a couple of nights!


Last but not the least, the points mentioned above become big talk unless and until you figure out a way to execute them. A plan without action is but a dream that did not get a chance to become a reality and if you want life to be kind to you, you need to figure out a way to beat it at its own game. Execution is the name of the game and it would do us all well to keep in mind this little hack no matter what we do or where we go.

Here’s to hacking our way towards a bigger, better and a more fulfilling 2017.

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