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Life Skills That Are Also Amazing Work Skills

Let life guide you through your work!

In most organizations, self-improvement and self-development are not written rules, rather, they are unsaid decrees which occupy a very high position in the rank of requirements. But what do we do to develop these skills? A workshop? A professional course? No! the best part about learning these skills is that you don’t really need a fancy invitation for any sort of leadership training program all you need to do is live life and learn from it. To ensure that you’re not falling behind in the game, here are five amazing life skills that can also double up as pretty awesome work skills.


Mindfulness is all about having an objective opinion about things that are happening around you. Let’s take an example, your kids are fighting among themselves and even if you know one was clearly in the wrong, as an objective parent you would still listen to both sides of the story before taking any kind of action. The same principle applies for when you’re at work. At the workplace (especially if you’re a manager or a team leader) we’re often confronted with situations that require you to exercise an objective mind and hear out both parties before passing a verdict. The ability to pause and examine a situation objectively is one of the greatest thing life teaches us which can be applied to work as well.


More often than not, we interchange empathy and sympathy, whereas the truth is that they are two very different things. While sympathy is all about ‘feeling for’ empathy is actually ‘feeling with’, which is why in the hierarchy of what life skills are great work skills, empathy ranks very high. When you ‘feel with’ someone else, there’s a certain level of identification that is accounted for and the minute you identify with something you’re more inclined to get involved in time. Although, at times this may be a bad thing, it’s always better than being indifferent and apathetic towards a situation. Anyone who works to improve their ability to be empathetic is bound to stand out at work.

Collaborate Across Differences

“Life is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you’re going to get!” This saying holds a lot of truth. As we go through life, we meet (and sometimes are confronted with) a lot of different people. Some become our best friends, some acquaintances while others we decide it’s best to let go after the first meeting itself. You can never foresee who you will be meeting and where your relationship will go in the future but can prepare yourself to accept the fact that there is an entire mixed bag of surprises out there that will cross your path at some point or the other. Life teaches us to collaborate across differences – different people, different opinions and different outlooks, the best we can do is to take them all in, respect them for what they are and not burn any bridges.


Curiosity killed the cat. How many times have we gotten this advice from people when we get a little too ‘nosy’ about things? However, have you ever wondered that this maybe only one side to the story? Maybe, curiosity did not kill the cat, maybe it gave the cat the information it required to make soar beyond expectations? Or maybe it is what gave the cat much required perspective. As kids we were all curious but unfortunately, somewhere between getting our first job and crossing the line into adulthood, we all seem to lose touch with it. The burning desire to know the how, what, when and where of things is essential when it comes to life and even more essential when it comes to work. Curiosity is a gift, embrace it instead of curbing it.


Whether you’re a CEO or you hope to be one, self-improvement and self-development is for everyone and in this pursuit of excellence one of the things that comes handy is resilience. Resilience is knowing that only you have the power to pick yourself up and keep going, resilience is knowing that sometimes it’s not the strongest who survive but the ones who keep going inspite of the changes. Life teaches us that when you fall seven times, you stand up at the eighth and that is resilience. When you don’t let tough news impede you (and there will be a few thrown at you during the course of your life and professional career), that’s when you know that you’re resilient. How you chose to respond to tough external circumstances is what determines how resilient you are and is definitely a life skill that will help you go far at work. As they say, when the going gets tough, the tough gets going!

So, are you going you ready to skill your way through it?

12 thoughts on “Life Skills That Are Also Amazing Work Skills”

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