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Light Up Someone Else’s Life This Diwali

This festive season, let’s celebrate light, love, strength and beauty!

What’s so special about Diwali? Well, it is the festival of light, where symbolically everything that is dark and therefore ignorant is overcome by light and prosperity. A festival that brings along with it a lot of happiness, joy, positivity and good will, Diwali is definitely ranks very high up in the list of festivals that people around the world love the most. This Diwali, Titan celebrates the power of inner beauty and strength by representing it through a resplendent collection that symbolizes values that go beyond just the materialistic world. What is truly wonderful, is the fact that  The Titan Raga Aurora Collection stands for much more than just a beautifully crafted timepiece, it is a beacon of inner beauty, strength, light and love, all of which are attributes that will helps make Diwali and any other day brighter and better. In light of this wonderful festival, here are a few generous and thoughtful things you can do to light up someone else’s life and give yourself a happy Diwali present as well.

The Gift of a Smile

Diwali is all about spreading joy, it’s about making people smile and spreading happiness and what better way to do it than through a kind gesture. A pat on the back, a warm hug, a few encouraging words and lending a helping hand are just a few things you can do this Diwali in order to give someone the gift of a smile. You could also make someone smile by gifting them a gorgeous timepiece from  The Titan Raga Aurora Collection.

The Gift of Love

The true joy of gifting is when the emotion behind it is greater than the monetary value of the object on concern. The best part about ‘gifting someone love’ is that the gift in itself can be anything you want it to be. From a festive card to a classic watch from  The Titan Raga Aurora Collection, the gift of love can literally be anything as long as the thought behind it is solid and your intentions pure.

The Gift of Charity

Festivals are all about giving. We often forget how lucky we are to have the things that we do, which leads us to take all our good fortune for granted. Truth be told, at any given point, each of us are luckier and more prosperous than a number of people more than we can even imagine. Therefore, this Diwali, give yourself a budget cut and spend that money on someone else. Therefore, the next time you get an e-mailer asking you for a donation, don’t think twice, go for it because as they say, the more you give, the greater you receive.

The Gift of Food

Food is sustenance and it’s what keeps us alive and there’s nothing more heart-warming and thoughtful than receiving the gift of food during the festive season. One way of giving someone the gift of food is to literally take a tray of food to every Diwali party that you attend, who doesn’t like dried fruits and treats right?  However, a more meaningful way of doing it would be to volunteer at shelters and help out NGOs by sponsoring a Diwali feast for those who deserve a good warm meal, especially on a festival day.

The Gift of Light

This Diwali, Titan brings to you  The Titan Raga Aurora Collection, featuring rare timepieces, depicted in breathtakingly beautiful illustrations of elegance and poise. A true testimony to the inherent qualities that constitutes a strong, independent individual, The Aurora Collection is all about the natural, powerful glow that emits from within and without. The range draws inspiration from unique techniques of the renaissance era like cameo, abalone and gilded gold and narrates its delicate intricacy through modern interpretations like embossing, cut-work, layered dials using Swarovski crystals, enamels and mother-of-pearl blending. In this collection, you’ll come across masterpieces like Grace, Rose, Chastity, Opal and Violet among many others, that are bound to make anyone’s Diwali truly special.

Let’s make this Diwali all about inner beauty, generosity and love that enables one to make other people’s lives glow. A very happy Diwali to everyone!

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