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Live to Eat or Eat to Live

Food glorious food!

What’s better than a plate of food waiting to be eaten? The answer is nothing! Food is one of the best things about life and living. Every year, the world gets together on 16th of October to celebrate World Food Day and what a reason to celebrate indeed. There are people in this world who eat to live and then there are people in this world who eat to live. And while we can never deny the basic necessity of food to survive, what we sometimes overlook is its social significance and how wonderful, delicious and addictive it can be. We eat for several reasons. On one hand, food makes you healthy and it allows your body & mind to function properly while on the other, it strengthens old bonds and facilitates new friendships as well. Food is love, food is happiness and above all food is an adventure that you can embark upon alone or with your near and dear ones. The psychological, physiological and emotional benefits of food are plenty and let’s face it, our relationship with food is going to be one that is lifelong. Therefore, on World Food Day (which is incidentally tomorrow), here’s a tribute to one of the only things that constantly brings joy in our lives and here’s why everyone should live to eat rather than eat to live.

Eat for your Body & Mind

Food is what keeps your body, mind and soul going. Food, comprises of our daily nutritional intake which contains essential minerals, vitamins and energy giving substances that allows us to get through the day. There’s not a single ailment that is linked to the proper functioning of the body & mind that cannot be cured by food. Be it stress, anxiety or weakness, if you eat the right kind of food, you’ll be one step ahead of everything that would otherwise bring you down.

Eat for Balance

Life is all about balance and it is this state of balance, this state of embracing the yin and the yang and arriving at a point where you remain in control is what is so essential. On a physical level balance can be achieved by following the right kind of diet where you eat a wide variety of foods from each of the five major food groups, in the amounts recommended. On a spiritual level, balance can be achieved by allowing yourself to be consumed by the goodness of food which in turn helps you rise above situations.

Eat for Love & Friendship

When you have an afternoon filled with food and friends, you know you’re in for a pretty good time. Food is great when it comes to forging new friendships and strengthen old bonds. Think about it, whether it’s about reconnecting with an old mate or the excitement of a new relationship, when it comes to people, food is the best way to move forward. In fact, research show that sharing food increases social bonding and increases our affinity towards the person or people we are with at that point of time.

Eat for Joy & Happiness

A good plate of food never fails to turn your mood and your day around! The close connection between food and happiness is a fact that is universally known. When you eat good food you engage all your senses in the experience – sight, smell, touch, hearing and of course, taste – and when all these senses come together it results in instant euphoria. At the end of the day, happiness is a watching the waiter bring food to your table, happiness is a big plate of steaming hot food at the end of a long day and happiness is knowing that there’s a whole new world of food that you haven’t tried yet, that is waiting to be explored.

Eat for Yourself

Last but not the least, eat for yourself. The relationship each of us share with food is incredibly personal and intimate. It’s like a special bond that no one else knows and one that can’t be explained either. When Julia child said, ‘people who love to eat are always the best people’, she wasn’t kidding at all. Eat to be happy, eat to be healthy, eat to celebrate and most important of all, eat to live! It’s one thing to find something that satisfies your physical being but it’s another thing altogether when you find something that satisfies your soul!

So, this world food day, take your taste buds on an adventure and treat yourself to some of the most heavenly delicacies from around the world!

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