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Make 2017 Count from The Very Beginning

Every day is a new opportunity and it’s up to us what we want to do with it!

We all make these resolutions at the beginning of the year which sort of fizzles out as the days go by. While our intentions are in place, the way we go about trying to achieve them is not, which is why though we may start something with great gusto, after a while, the flame often begins to simmer rather than flare up. One of the reason that this happens is probably because we end up biting more than we can chew. We take on things that are hard to attain and then half way along the way, we realise that we may not have thought it through entirely. While that is ok (we all make mistakes, we’re humans after all!) maybe the wise thing to do is rehash our plan of action to make them more ‘goal friendly’. One way of doing this is to start small and think of ways that you can make a difference to not only you but the world around you as well. As George Meredith said, “don’t count your years, make your years count!” and what better time to start implementing this than right at the very beginning of a new year.

Small acts of kindness

Kindness is not a thing that you want, but a thing that everyone and everything needs and we all know that the world can never have too much of it. One way to make this new year count is by being kind, involuntarily. An act of complete selflessness. without expecting anything in return goes a long way and the moment something you begin to spread kindness; you’ll know that you’re making the world a better place one smile at a time.

Give more than you get

Want, want and want some more. Call it a flaw or an inherent quality, we always seem to keep wanting more, irrespective of whether it’s something materialistic or not. But here’s the thing, in order to receive, we must first give. From the day you start giving more than you wish to get, you’ll truly understand how much you’re receiving without realising. At the end of the day, the more you give, the more you get, right!

Think about the planet

We think about or friends, our families, our life, our wok, what we had for breakfast, what we want for dinner, how many presentations we need to complete by the crack of dawn and a motley of other things. But what we don’t think about as often as we should, is the planet we are all living in. From climate change to pollution, from species dying out to trees being cut down by the dozen every day, this planet needs our attention and there’s no better way to make the year count than by giving this matter it’s due importance.

Generosity & gratitude

If humanity had to have three pillars (much like democracy), generosity and gratitude would bring up the rear along with kindness. Being generous and showing gratitude are qualities that are not as integral as they are cracked up to be…they are so much more! When you’re being generous and showing gratitude, you’re actually putting someone else’s feelings and needs before your own while conveying exactly how important they are and if you’re looking to make the new year count, then this is a great place to start!

One change everyday

Change is the only thing that’s constant and in the larger scheme of things, it’s also what matters. Without change there would be no development and we’d all be stagnating in one place without moving forward. Change comes from within and the biggest agent of change is you, yourself. If you’re averse to change then nothing or no one has the power to make you do anything. Which is why it’s up to us to initiate one positive change every day. It could be something small like not littering to something much larger like starting an anti-pollution drive in the neighbourhood, but no matter what the case is, motivate yourself to be an agent of positive change starting from the first day of the new year.

The new year is like a blank slate, let’s make everything that goes on it count.

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