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Make the World Your Home with Titan Juxt Pro

Were you born to roam?

Over the years, we as professionals and as human beings have taken to becoming “nomads.” So much so, that according to Nomad expert Jan Chipchase, “nomadism is part of the human DNA” and this phenomenon is gaining momentum as a “viable lifestyle for a growing cross-generational tribe of educated, influential and affluent professionals.” Stemming from the basic dissatisfaction of not staying still in one place, today’s generation is all about getting the job done while being on the move. However, no matter how free-spirited or “untethered” you are, every global nomad needs that one guiding force that will ensure that they remain true to their path without getting distracted. One such guiding force (like the North Star, you may call it) is the Titan Juxt Pro and we’re here to tell you the how and why of it!
Titan Juxt Pro watch accessory connected

Stay Connected

Staying connected is literally the mantra of the urban nomad. No matter where we go and what we do, work follows us. While people objectify the 21st-century professionals as being ones who are completely consumed by their work, perhaps a better way to look at this is that they don’t let anything come in between them and their deadlines. Presentations must be submitted on time, but at the cost of what? Which is why, staying connected but not letting work get in their way is the way the professional nomad functions and with the Titan Juxt Pro, you can do so much more on the go. From enhanced notifications that enable one to read text messages, answering or muting calls, scanning emails, getting updates from social networking sites to customizing your alerts so that you can control what you want to receive and when the Juxt Pro app is what truly gives its wearer the edge.

Titan Juxt Pro watch accessory health

Stay Healthy

When you’re a wanderer, you spend a lot of time moving from one place to another. While the thrill of it is absolutely heady, it is important to ensure that you’re going all you can to enable yourself to keep up with such a fast paced life. From the freelancer to the globetrotter, from the shutterbug CEO to the travelling executive, it is essential that you tune your mind and body to the fast paced life you would like to lead. Once way of doing this is by ensuring that you eat healthily and therefore live healthy. Unfortunately, in between travelling and making one presentation after the other, we are left with little or no time to think about what we’re putting inside our body. Thankfully, with Titan Juxt Pro and its ability to monitor and count calorie intake, you’ll be able to live your dreams better and in a healthier fashion. Moreover, the Juxt Pro will ensure that you never miss any of your important meals as well!

Titan Juxt Pro watch accessory purpose aim vision

Stay Purposeful

What’s life without purpose? Surprisingly enough, this adage applies to those whose hearts a flutter with the desire to keep moving as well. What is intriguing is that this rising class of ‘untethered professionals’ is simultaneously searching for reasons to wander while remaining purposeful. It is this purpose, this vision and this compelling drive towards achieving all that their hearts want that brings in the thrill. For the nomad, balance is all about following the heart without falling back on anything else and what better way to do this than having a watch that is smart enough to catch your attention on where you’re falling behind and where you’re achieving more than expected. With the build in monitors and trackers in the Titan Juxt Pro, you can guarantee yourself that you’ll always remain purposeful, no matter what.
Titan Juxt Pro watch accessory focus goal

Stay Focused

While letting your heart and mind roam free is great and basically what pretty much makes you a nomad, no one ever got anywhere without a little bit of focus. As J.R.R. Tolkien said “not all who wander are lost” and while some may do it just for the fun of it, others may have an attached agenda like achieving a new milestone concerning their fitness goals. With the Titan Juxt Pro Placement move the way you want and let your smartwatch guide you in your quest. From tracking your steps to measuring the distance covered and letting you know how many calories you’ve managed to burn, the Juxt Pro is just one of those things that makes for a great companion and is designed to help you push your limits and get you closer to your goals.

Titan Juxt Pro watch accessory personality true

Stay True

A large part of being an urban nomad is catching life by the neck and racing it to the finish line but never at the cost of what is important. The urban nomad is always true to himself. Be it with respect to his beliefs or his impulses, he will ensure that he does what he feels is right without compromising the wellbeing of himself and others around him. This criterion is the main reason why Titan Juxt Pro makes such a great fit. From going the distance anytime and anywhere, to ensuring that you stay connected; from staying focused and on track with your vision and goals to reminding you of what’s important. It’s one watch with many faces and the perfect addition to any urban nomads’ wardrobe!

Give the nomad inside you something to fall in love with!

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