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Mind and body goals for 2017

The body achieves what the mind believes.

Challenging yourself can be hard but it can also be exciting. Limits need to be raised and if you don’t push yourself at the right moment and at the right time, then it is as good as a missed opportunity. Of all the goals that should stimulate us, mind and body goals is perhaps one of the most important. Only when you’re fit mentally and physically, can you be ready and rearing to take life head on. If you’re the kind who loves setting goals for themselves, then here are a few that are going to make the world of a difference.

Think Faster

Life is a roller coaster and a fast one at that. In order to keep abreast with everything that’s going on simultaneously, tuning your mind to think fast is crucial. Moreover, given that multitasking is pretty much an essential skill that every industry demands from its employees, the ability to think smart, on your feet and with only a few minutes to spare goes a long way. Whether its mediation, yoga or a good old fashioned work, anything that helps tune your mind is something that we should all actively do.

Be Fitter

If you want your mind to work faster and think quicker, you will have to first begin by fine tuning your body. A person who is fit gets to enjoy life to the fullest extent. Physical fitness only enables you to become mentally fit and once you’ve achieved both, the difference is palpable. Not only do you become healthier, you become sharper, more energetic and more efficient as well. If keeping aside a few hours for a quick work out helps you live life to the maximum, then why not!

Eat Healthier

What we eat is what defines us. It helps condition our mood, our mental and physical health and our overall well-being. With junk food featuring generously in our daily diet, there isn’t enough room for healthy eating and that’s a pity. It is important to remember that when your body is hungry it is actually craving for nutrients, not calories. So, the next time you decide to go for the burger instead of a salad, remember that you aren’t really helping yourself in any way!

Worry Less

This generation of working individuals (and we’re talking irrespective of whether you go to an office or are a work from home mom) are so familiar with stress and anxiety that they’ve almost become used to it. Worrying can have some terrible side effects. From health problems to cases as severe as depression, it is not a burden that you would want to carry on your shoulders.  The next time you feel that the worry waves are about to get you, just sing along – ‘don’t worry…be happy!’

Stay Happy

There are only a few things in life that’s worth chasing and one such thing is happiness. If you think about it, we’re all only looking to be happy in what we do. While the satisfaction of finding happiness is immense, it has its own set of health benefits as well. It boosts motivation, engagement, creativity, energy, health, and resiliency. It improves productivity and lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease while lengthening life expectancy. If you haven’t set your mind and body goals for the year yet, then make sure to feature ‘staying happy’ on the list

Love your body and teach your mind to respect it.

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