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Movies to Watch with Your Kid This Summer

Unlimited popcorn, unending laughter, quality time with your favorite people by your side and a whole lot of fun – sounds perfect right? Movie time with your family and kids is one of those simple things from which a lot of happiness and content can be attained. Here are five much awaited releases for this summer that you must take your kids to and here’s a little secret…you’ll love it as much as they do!

movie summer kid family adventure

Finding Dory

This year, in June, Disney Pixar is back with the sequel to one of the most beloved animated movies of all times – Fining Dory. Finding Dory, the second in the series after Finding Nemo once again brings all our favorite characters – Nemo, Marlin (Nemo’s father) and cute, forgetful Dory back into the lime light. Only this time, the movie is all about Dory’s journey to finding her family out in the deep blue sea. As we see Dory and her friends undertake this mammoth journey making new friends on the way, we also learn a few things about the value and the real meaning of having a family. The movie is slated to release in June, this year.


Growing up, children’s tales from Roald Dahl is something every child got hooked on to. Be it the shenanigans of Charlie and Willy Wonka in the chocolate factory or wonders of the child prodigy Matilda against the tyranny of Mrs. Wormwood – Roald Dahl has managed to spark the imagination of every kid during their growing up years, all across the world. Now, imagine one of Mr. Dahls most well received books being transformed into a movie. Yes, we’re talking about none other than The BFG. The BFG revolves around the plot of the big friendly giant who comes in to the city during the darkest hours of the night to catch peoples dreams. On one of his night-time city visits, he bumps into little Sophie from an orphanage who happens to catch him in the act. What follows is bone tingling thrill, nail biting excitement and pure magic. Catch Sophie and the big friendly giant in a tale of epic adventure and along the way learn about the values of hope, faith, love, belief and of course, friendship! The movie is slated to release in July, this year.

The Legend of Tarzan

We’ve all been regaled with tales of Tarzan and Jane, the jungle and the gorillas and this summer, you’ll be able to see all of that come alive on the big screen. A completely unique take to the legend of Tarzan, director David Yates, outs a completely modern twist to one of the most favorite childhood tales. Our beloved jungle boy is shown leading an acclimatized life in London till he is called back to the jungle, his former home, to investigate the activities of a mining encampment. It is once he is back that the tale unfolds and you feel like you’re living Tarzans adventures with him as the movie progresses.

movie summer jungle kids family bond Tarzan


After a long break, the franchise comes back with a bang with a fresh take to the beloved supernatural comedy that kids just can’t get enough of. With the release scheduled for July, this summer, we guarantee that you will not want to miss catching this movie with your little one. So…“if there’s something strange in your neighborhood, who you gonna call? – GHOSTBUSERS!!!”

movie kid summer family pets

The Secret Life of Pets

Ever wonder what your pets do every day after you leave the house? Well, you don’t have to anymore. The Secret Life of Pets by Chris Renaud & Yarrow Cheney, is a heart-warming tale of the antics that pets are up to once their owners leave them on their own, but with a little twist. The movie is about Max, a pet, whose life turns upside down after his owner decides to bring in a sloppy mongrel from the streets into their home. See the story unfold this July!

Lights, Camera, Action!

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