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Pack Hacks for When You’re Travelling

For most people, life is a mad rush from one place to the other, from one job to the other –  whereas in reality it should be an endless pursuit of knowledge and purpose.

Unfortunately, in this rat race, people tend to forget who they are and what their true calling is. In such situations, the best way to take a break from all your routines is by packing your bag and taking a vacation. It breaks the monotony of life, rejuvenates your mind, your soul and gives you some much needed perspective. What travelling does is it helps people relax, reflect and ponder but where the problem arises is when we sit to pack. What do we take and what’s the best way to optimize space? To make life simpler for the next you’re bitten by the travel bug, here are some useful tips that you can help you make the packing process stress free and super-efficient.

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Roll don’t fold

Travelling is one of the best ways of having new experiences but the trick is to ensure that you keep things light. You wouldn’t want your suitcase to come in the way of hiking up a trail or while walking down the beach, now would you? In order to do so, one must be smart about the size of the carry on that you chose to travel with. Essentially, the smaller the better. However, this often results in a space crunch where we are not sure how to best optimize the space we have to take all our essentials in. In such circumstances, one pack hack that you should always remember is that instead of folding your clothes, roll them! By doing do, your clothes will take up less space inside as they will now be occupying just their rolled up width and not their entire length.

travel space easy tips smart hack save

Sock ém

A great way to utilize and create more space at the same time is by stuffing things into your socks. This tip becomes especially handy when you have glass items that you’re carrying with you or bringing back souvenirs from your trip. Instead of bubble wrapping them or boxing them, go for stuffing them into your socks. Not only is this a neat way to utilize space, imagine how much you’ll end up saving on packing charges.

travel packing space save easy tips smart

Utilize Shoe Space

While we pack, we conveniently ignore the space inside our shoes. This little natural cubby hole is great to store your knick knacks, which otherwise would end up occupying a whole lot of space inside your suitcase. Think jewellery, cosmetics, bath products and others that will fit right inside your shoe.

travel packing easy tips smart

The Shower Cap Theory

On the other hand, packing shoes can be quite a hassle. If they are new then there’s not much of a problem but if they are old, used shoes then there’s always a worry of them slipping out of their bags and ruining all the other items inside the suitcase. For this, we have the perfect solution for you – instead of wrapping your shoes in multiple plastic bags and / or shoe cases, put them inside a shower cap! By doing this, you are eliminating the need for extra space which you otherwise would have taken to accommodate the shoe case.

travel space smart hack tips save business

Belt It

This tip is particularly useful for our business executives. These days, running a business and travel go hand in hand. Whether you like it or not, you should be ready at the drop of a hat to pack your bags and be on your way to another city for conferences. In such situations having some cool pack hacks up your sleeve always helps. While packing, wrap your belt inside the collar of your shirt, you will save space and keep the collar from bending out of shape. Another great place to stash your belt away while packing is unfolded and along the perimeter of the suitcase, it’s a great location for space saving!

Remember, we travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us and with every trip that we take we should travel far enough to be able to meet ourselves!

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