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Psychology of Food-stagramming

What’s the one thing that millions of people across the globe have in common?

We all love taking pictures of food! As people from around the world go from moderately captivated to pretty much being obsessed with taking pictures of food and posting it up on their social media pages, you can’t help but wonder what is it about food that makes it an evergreen trend. Of the several social media platforms that have mushroomed over the past few years, Instagram has taken the world by storm, so much so that if you are doing something in life and not Instagram-ing it, it is equal to trivializing the nature of the activity. Apart from gaining a lot of traction, this platform and has grown leaps and bounds as a forum that has inspired people across the country and across all genres. However, of all the genres that are there, food has got to be one of the most popular ones (if not the most). Universally loved, food has grown over the years to become one of the most photographed subjects on Instagram, with the power to influence and motivate. And as hundreds of hashtags flood our social feed and we’re left salivating for more, here are the very basics of the psychology of food-stagramming and why it’s always a hit.

Global Market

You’re in a new city, you don’t know how to make friends with the locals, what’s the best place to start – food. You’re new in office, you’re sitting alone and you don’t know how to break the ice with your new colleagues, what’s the best place to start – food! Food with its universal appeal, is relevant anywhere and everywhere, making it a forever hot topic of conversation for global markets. This global appeal of various edible things is one of the reason why there are so many people starting their own food-stagram account with no intentions of stopping anytime soon.

User Experience

When you enjoy a scrumptious meal what is the one feeling that you experience above everything else? happiness, right? Well, according to “researchers from the University of Pennsylvania, University of Southern Carolina and Yale University…it seems that taking a photo during a positive experience, like enjoying a fulfilling meal, can make us feel happier – so long as it doesn’t interfere with the experience itself.” Gleaning from this, it goes to show that the user experience that happens with food is one that is positive, happy, satisfying and capable of causing a lot of joy to not only the people eating the meal, but to others who are experiencing it as a third party as well.

Social Sharing

Social sharing is one of the biggest trends of this era. Brands are doing it, people are doing it and whether it’s for increased engagement or to transform your consumers into true brand ambassadors, social sharing is the name of the game and if you’re not playing it right, then you’re probably falling behind! When it comes to food and social sharing, the two go like root beer and vanilla ice cream. They complement each other perfectly and the result is almost always as yummy as the object that is being photographed.


The kind of engaging content one can build around food on social media (or anywhere for that matter) is unmatched and unparalleled. The reason behind this is very simple, we all live to eat! Our love for food is inherent, one could even say that it was coded into our DNA right from the start, and plays a very important role in the psychology of food-stagramming and why it is such a success. Irrespective of whether you’re sitting half way across the world, following someone who is posting about food is always appealing and highly engaging.

Eat, Post, Like

The new mantra of the millennials – ‘eat, post, like’ as an action has become almost involuntary. Statistics tell us that approximately over 20% of Instagram users keep a photo blog with pictures of their daily meals and that taking pictures of your meal before you dive into it can make us like it more. Food-stagramming has therefore evolved to become something of a ritual where anything related to food gets a universal approval and inclusion (for example, food related hashtags being ranked as ones with the highest reach and virality, in many cases). And if you’re still not convinced about food-stagramming, then maybe the fact that thousands of pictures on food were posted on Instagram, shared and liked, all within the few minutes it took you to read this, will change your mind!

Life is like a sandwich; you’ve got to fill it with the best ingredients and then Instagram it!

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