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Reasons to Work Out Apart from Weight Loss

Exercise is therapy

When does it dawn on you that you need to step up your workout game? Usually when you’ve put on a few extra pounds, right? Over the years, work out, gym, yoga, exercise, all these words have become synonymous with weight loss and they usually begin to crop up in conversations, the nucleus of which is ‘we really need to shed some and get back into shape’. But have you ever thought of the other benefits that a good workout brings along with it? Sure, it keeps you fit and feeling fine, but that’s not all. Exercise is more than just sustenance, it’s therapy, it’s catharsis and it’s one of the best bets you have with respect to overall growth and development. Putting it in a very straight forward manner, we work out because we have to not because we want to and that is what makes an otherwise enjoyable thing into a chore. Starting today, turn this ‘have to’ to a ‘want to’ and if you’re wondering how to do it, then here are five reasons to workout that has nothing to do with losing weight.

Self Confidence & Balance

A thorough workout helps strengthen your mind, body and spirit and these three pillars of inner strength works wonders when it comes to building self-confidence. If this wasn’t reason enough, sneaking in a workout also ensures that you maintain a better work-life balance, something that all of us strive to do. When it comes to leading a wholesome life, self-confidence and balance are two things that no one can do without and if you can develop these virtues and become fit at the same time, then why not?!

Enhanced Focus

We are as multifaceted as tour tasks. At a time where every profession demands multi-tasking to say that our focus is being split in too many different ways is an understatement. While juggling more than one thing at a time may be good for your professional growth, if we don’t watch out then it can spiral out of control very fast. In such a situation, your daily work out can be really good for you. Great for enhancing focus, a good workout is just what you need for training your mind to complete tasks efficiently well.

Pumped Up Energy Levels

How often do you get to work already tired? How often do you feel that it’ll take you more than what you’ve got to complete a nine to five? If your answer to these questions are ‘yes, often’ then you might be suffering from fatigue. When it comes to battling tiredness, a good work out is very highly recommended. A few hours sweating it out not only helps pump up your energy levels but it keeps your endurance levels high, which we all know how handy it can be in this cut-throat world!

Make Way for the holiday Weight

We cannot deny that we all work out to essentially keep our weight under control and why not, it does contribute significantly to how we feel. Usually, the workout phase happens after the few excess KGs have piled on, typically after the wedding or the holiday season. However, have you ever considered turning the tables? A great reason to work out is not to keep the excess at bay but to give yourself an allowance to indulge whenever you want to. With the holiday season around the corner, it’s something that we can all get on board with, right!

The Happy Feels

If you’re in the pursuit of happiness, then regular workouts maybe the missing piece to the puzzle. When you undergo an extensive workout, your body releases hormones called endorphins. Endorphins are ‘feel-good’ hormones which naturally boosts vitality and your mood, resulting in happiness. It helps you keep calm, engaged and induces relaxation so that no matter how stressful or upsetting a situation is, you’ll find your way out of it easily. Moreover, these chemicals are also responsible for keeping spirits high when you need it the most. Just goes to show that one of the keys to happiness truly is a good workout!

Workout because you want to not because you have to! Don’t head to the gym because of those extra pounds only, love yourself enough to exercise for other reasons as well.

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