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Say Bye-Bye to Morning Rush

Snooze…snooze…snooze…just 5 minutes more…snooze

The above routine sounds kind of familiar, doesn’t it?! Early mornings can be quite unforgiving, especially if you’re not a morning person and once you get sucked into the snooze cycle there’s no escaping the morning rush. Falling victim to the morning rush before you leave for work can be quite stressful. With bare minimum time to work with, more often than not, we end up leaving something behind or forget about it altogether. To avoid this tizzy, here are a few very useful tips and tricks that will help you stay ahead of the morning rush.

morning work office rush prepare early

Start the Night Before

Preparing for the morning the night before is crucial for avoiding the morning rush. This means, from laying out your clothes to pre-making your breakfast and lunch. When you have your most time consuming activities arranged and out of the way a few hours in advance, you can cash in on a few extra minutes of sleep guilt free and without compromising on being on time to leave for work.

morning work office rush prepare to-do chores list

Have a To-Do List

Being disorganized and haphazard is a major contributor to the morning rush. Getting up in the morning and not knowing what to do is one of the worst situations you can be in. However, there’s a simple enough way to get around this. Before going to sleep the night before, just make a to-do list of all the chores that you have to accomplish the next morning and assign a timeline to them. Once you’re done making this list, put it up in a place where you’re not likely to miss seeing it – for example, on the fridge or on the bathroom mirror. This list is what will help you stay on track when you’re getting ready in the morning and will prevent you from missing out on anything crucial.

morning work office rush prepare weather

Check the Weather

In the rush, we often forget to check the weather for the day in the morning. Now, though this might seem like a simple enough thing, it is very crucial to keep in mind what you’re up against while on the commute. You may wake up to the sunshine trickling through the curtains but before you know it, the sky can go from blue to grey. If you’re not dressed for it or if you’re not prepared for the shower, your home to work commute may become double and let’s not even get started on what might happen to your clothes and shoes. Such unforeseen weather conditions that take you by surprise adds a great deal to the morning rush. It’s best to stay a step ahead and prepare yourself to what the weather Gods may have in store for you the next day, with time to spare.

morning work office rush music

Motivate with Music

As if waking up in the morning wasn’t bad enough, the necessity of having to do things and that too at a certain speed to avoid the morning rush makes it worse. In between trying not to fall over the frying pan and making breakfast, we’re all in search of something that will motivate us to work harder and faster so that we can get everything done and not get late for work. Which is why, if you want to avoid the morning rush, motivating yourself with some upbeat music can be very effective. With some groovy beats to pump you up and get rid of the early morning blues, you’ll suddenly find that you’re way ahead of your tasks but you’re on top of them as well, which in turn will lead to you saying bye-bye to the morning rush.

morning work office rush team together

Divide and Rule

One of the best ways to beat the morning rush is by using the ‘divide and rule’ technique. Whether you’re living with your partner or with a roommate, dividing the morning tasks between the both is one of the best way to keep time management in check. By each taking responsibility of the morning chores, you can comfortably stay ahead and not let the morning rush get to you. In order to make this easy, you’ll can create a timetable with each person’s responsibility chalked out clearly and once you finish with yours you can even put a little check sign next to it to acknowledge the fact that it’s done and dusted. It’s a great way to build teamwork, strengthen your relationship with your partner or roommate and of course, say bye-bye to the morning rush.

The trick is to beat the rush before it beats you!

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