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Simple Ways to Get Those Abs Going

Exercise is therapy

We all dream of six pack abs, ripped, fit and ready to go. The question is though, how many of us manage to make that dream into a reality? Unfortunately, our work-life balance is such that it doesn’t allow us the time to look after ourselves as much and as often as we would like to. Thanks to constantly adapting to work on the go, a regular fitness regime seems as far-fetched as a reasonable deadline on a presentation. But where there’s a will, there’s a way and with this convenient ‘abs on the go routine’ you’ll soon reach your goal of getting a six packs without undergoing the added stress of time management.

The Plank

The mother of all exercise when it comes to building your core strength and developing those abs. Once you do a plank you truly understand the value of a minute. Start with 60 seconds on the clock and then slowly increase the time as per your comfort levels. Squeeze in five minutes in the morning every day for a quick plank check and we guarantee that you’ll be miles ahead with respect to getting those abs going. The best part about the plank is that you can easily squeeze it in while you’re waiting for the water to heat in the morning for your shower.


First things first, here’s why squats are good for you. It helps you maintain mobility and balance, it burns more fat than most other exercises, it is a functional exercise that directly benefits you with respect to real life activities and it boosts your performance as well. Now, squats may not seem the first exercise that you go to when it comes to developing your abs. But, because of it’s all round nature it sure is one that helps you in your mission towards getting them. Facilitating muscle build up across the entire body, squats should definitely be on your repertoire of quick and easy exercises for when you want to get those abs going.

Express Crunches

Express crunches are easy and convenient for a reason – the fact that you can get to them whenever you have some free time during the day. Express crunches can be done anytime and anywhere – first thing in the morning, just before lunch during the weekends or even while you’re watching your favorite show on Netflix after you’re back home from work. All you need to do is spare an interval of 3 to 5 minutes spread over multiple times during the day. One of the major issues with today’s generation is that we don’t have the luxury to spare a long stretch of time at any point. However, squeezing in 5 minutes during multiple intervals is more than possible, which is where express crunches come in and contributes towards getting those abs going.

Torso Twist

Yet another super convenient exercise, the torso twist can be done while you’re in the office, sitting at your work station. The torso twist is a simple enough exercise which helps you build your core strength, develop those abs and get rid of any excess kilos that might have accumulated on your sides, while utilizing the time that you have in hand. To do the twist, all you need to do is bring your hands up on either side to a 90-degree angle from your shoulders and twist with a swift motion from side to side. Repeat this action at regular intervals during the course of a working day and you’ll soon start seeing results. So, the next time you’re thinking about getting those abs, utilize the swivel chair at work and spare five minutes throughout your workday to perform this exercise.

2 Minute Yoga

While we all love our regular dose of 2 minute noodles, we are pretty sure that 2-minute yoga is way better for you when it comes to getting those abs going. With the luxury of being able to practice it anywhere, the best things about 2-minute yoga is the fact that it’s not only good for developing your core strength and abs but also for good for attaining mental peace when things seem to get particularly out of hand at work. From work station meditation to a quick Kapalbhati session between meetings, 2-minute yoga is the way to go if you have a dream of becoming a better version of yourself.

At the end of the day, you don’t get what you wish for, you get what you work for!

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