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Snacks in A Jar That Everyone Will Love

Who doesn’t love a snack?

Everything these days seems to be in a jar – candles, fairy lights, photo frames, little planters for the house and anything else that you could possibly imagine. One of the reasons why the concept of ‘putting everything in a mason jar’ has become such a raging trend is because of its novelty. Putting things on a plate or a glass or on a frame is considered to be passé, old, boring even. Converting an unassuming everyday object, like a jar, to becoming the centre piece in a situation which otherwise does not call for it to be, has a charm of its own. Seeing the various ways that a jar can be and is being used is one of those simple things that never fail to bring a smile on your face. Given the fact that everything under the sun can now be made and displayed in a jar, it only made sense that food (breakfast, lunch, dinner or even a snack) joined the party as well. Easy to carry around and simple to make, these snacks in a jar will reaffirm your faith (and convert you, if you’re not a fan already) in why snacks in a jar is nothing but a whole lot of happiness and love.

Omelette in a Jar

We all love an omelette to start the day with. This fluffy, nutritious, delicious egg preparation is one of the reasons why the world loves breakfast. Unfortunately, we don’t always find the time to savor the experience as much as we’d love to due to the shortage of time and the mad pre-work rush that we’re all in. Which is why, omelettes in a jar is the perfect solution. All you have to do is prepare the jar with your choice of veggies and spices the night before and keep them ready. Come morning, all that is left to do, is crack your eggs in, give a good mix and microwave it for a few minutes while you’re waiting for your cab to come!

Picture Courtesy – my life cookbook on Pinterest

Salad in a Jar

Given our busy work schedules, the chance to look after our bodies and monitor what we eat is far and few. More often than not, we all make peace with the fact that if something can be delivered within the next fifteen minutes, it must be consumed, because that’s all the time we really have. But here’s the thing, unless you start consciously making an effort to eat better it will never happen and in situations like this it’s jars to the rescue again. Carrying a salad every day with to work is a pain, but no more once you start using jars. The mechanism is pretty simple. Start by putting the salad dressing at the bottom of the jar and then layer up to the top with the vegetables, fruits and proteins of your choice. When you’re ready to eat it, give the jar a good shake and you’ll have a salad without soggy and wilted vegetables in no time.

Picture Courtesy – damndelicious.net on Pinterest

Mac n’ Cheese in a Jar

Sometimes, we all crave a little bit of comfort food. Something that makes us feel satisfied and all warm and fuzzy from the inside. One such comfort food (and this holds true for people around the world) is Mac n’ Cheese. Very few things can match up to the deliciousness of a good and creamy Mac n’ Cheese. It’s tried, tested (and tasted) and never fails to hit the spot. Now you can make one of favorite go-to meals in a jar and carry it around with you for whenever you might have that craving. All you need to do is reduce the quantity of the dish to fit the jar and proceed as you would. In the last step, instead of putting in a pan, evenly distribute the mixture in a jar (or two, or three) and bake it in the oven (if you don’t have one then microwaving it works fine as well). Rest assured you’ll never be without Mac n’ Cheese anymore!

Picture Courtesy – one crazy house on Pinterest

Chicken Pot Pie in a Jar

Somethings, no matter how much you try and visualize them, you can never imagine being served in a different way other than how it has been served over all these years. One such thing is a chicken pot pie. Chicken pot pie is a quintessentially British dish that can be eaten for breakfast, midday snack, lunch, evening snack, dinner, mid night feast – pretty much at any point of time when you feel hungry. But, the question is where do you get the luxury to order yourself a chicken pot pie when you’re in dire need of it? With easy recipes (which you’ll get in abundance online) you can now make your own chicken pot pie in jars and carry them with you for a light lunch or as a snack when you get those hunger pangs after a strenuous meeting. P.S. – they’re great for storing in ample numbers in the freezer as well.

Picture Courtesy – greatest on Pinterest

Cake in a Jar

Sometimes the best thing to snack on is something sweet. Sometimes, after a really long hard day, all you want to do is go back home and curl up in your bed, turn on Netflix and cuddle in with a cake on your lap. Sometimes when everything seems hopeless at work, all you can think is ‘I wish I had some cake to make me feel better’! Well, with cakes in a jar, it is now possible. Making a cake in a jar is one of the easiest things ever. All you have to do is put all the ingredients in, mix it all together and give a go in the oven or even the microwave. However, what makes cakes in a jar awesome is not the simplicity of it, but the fact that you can literally go to town with the ingredients. From Nutella to fresh fruit, from dried fruits and nuts to chocolate, from strawberry shortcake to a decadent red velvet, from a birthday cake with sprinkles to a timeless chocolate sponge, you dream it and it can be made. So, plan for the week, get a different recipe in a jar and never worry about being cake-less ever again!

Picture Courtesy – glorious treats on Pinterest

When it’s a snack it’s great, but when it’s a snack in a jar, it’s even better!

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