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Spread the Holiday Cheer in Office This Season

Good tiding and joy, it is after all, beginning to look and feel a lot like Christmas.

Christmas is just a week away and irrespective of how hectic things get, you can’t help but feel happy, cheery and all ‘holiday like’! Ideally, this is the time to be to home – spend quality time with the family, meet up with friends, leisurely sleep in every morning, eat to your hearts content and maybe even enjoy a duvet day or two! But unfortunately, such a Utopian world is far from being true, let alone within our reach. However, when the going gets tough, the tough gets cheery. So what if you can’t spend the week with your family sipping hot chocolate at home, you can definitely bring in the season with your work mates and colleagues by spreading some cheer in office, after all, aren’t they your family away from home anyway? The perfect time to let the deadlines take a backseat (cause let’s admit it, even our clients and bosses are in the festive mood by now), spreading some Christmas cheer in office is as necessary as it is fun. Shake things up, make people smile, spend some well-deserved down time with your colleagues and let out a laugh or two and if you’re wondering how to get the festivities up a notch, then here are some cracker ideas that will help bring the Christmas feel into office in no time!

Festive Dress Code

A very important part of Christmas (or any holiday for that matter) are the colors that we associate with it. Colors have a way of getting associated with the very essence of what is being celebrated, in this case – red, white and green. Whenever we see these colors or a combination of them during this time of the year, we automatically feel happier and more festive. The best way to translate these emotions to the workplace is by putting together a festive dress code for everyone for the entire week. Whether it’s men dressed like elves and women dressed like Santa’s, everyone will get ready (literally) to have some fun.

Christmas Outbound

Just because you have to work during Christmas week and wait till the weekend arrives doesn’t mean that you have to confine yourselves within the four walls of your office. A great way to bring in the spirit of festive joy in office during this time is to organize a Christmas outbound with the entire team. Get together, go to a nearby café and spend the day there or have yourselves a picnic in a nearby park, the choice is yours. By all means, carry your laptop and do some work whenever required, but the objective is to spend some away from your cubicles, enjoying each other’s’ company.

Office Decoration Competition

Christmas means that it’s time to up your decoration game and talking about decoration games, have you ever tried playing one in office? An office decoration competition during Christmas week is a great way to get the attention of your employees and their time. Divide people into teams, assign them a particular theme and set their imagination and creativity loose. Whether it’s the office tree or an entire bay, give everyone a challenge and get decorating, we are pretty sure you’ll see how interesting it is once you get going!

Office Potluck

What’s Christmas without a feast and what’s a feast without being able to share it with the ones you love. Organizing a potluck on one of the days before Christmas is an absolute must. It’s a way of showing love, companionship, thankfulness towards the people you work with and it is definitely one of the best way to celebrate with your colleagues. At the end of the day, nothing gets people together like food, and nothing is more ‘Christmas-y’ than people uniting in the name of it.

Secret Santa & Beyond

If you haven’t already pulled out a name from the Secret Santa list, then rest assured that you will soon enough. Office games and traditions like Secret Santa are golden and that too for good reasons. It’s about building a strong office culture, building positive relationships with your colleagues at work, creating an opportunity to think outside the box and find reasons that you know will make your colleagues smile and of course, foster team spirit. However, while ‘Secret Santa’ is a popular holiday tradition, the point is to explore more. Bring in twists, change the rules, unleash the fun side, amp up existing games and get the whole team fired up, because, more the fun, more the Christmas cheer, right!

This time of the year, it’s not just a season, it’s a feeling, an emotion and an experience. So, spread the cheer wherever you can and be merry!

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