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The Best Friends Bucket List

Sometimes, all we need is someone to be there for us. Not to judge or to give their opinions; not to fix problems or do anything in particular, but just to make us feel cared for and supported. Your best friend is basically your soulmate, your “go-to person” at all times.

Your deepest insecurities – your best friend knows about them; your best kept secret – your best friend is privy to it; your biggest strength – your best friend realises it and your wildest adventures – your best friend is a part of that as well. Unfortunately, life and its ever winding tunnels often separates us from the ones we love the most, which is why reconnecting with your best friend by ticking off a few things from this best friend buckets list is highly recommended.

road trip

An Epic Road Trip

If you’ve not done this already, then a road trip with your bestie should definitely be one thing that you must cross out from the list. With the tank full and spirits high, a road trip is the perfect way to take off from where you had left with your best friend. Think long drives, gorgeous treks, unending singing and gossiping about everyone you can think of. Doesn’t it sound perfect?

feast with friends

A Fabulous Feast

Sharing a fabulous meal with your best friend has a charm of its own. Throw your diet out of the window and plan a lovely lunch or dinner at one of your favorite eateries for a lovely time together.  We guarantee that getting ready for it will be even more exciting than getting ready for a first date.

spa date

A Spa Date

There are very few things that can bring as much happiness as getting together to blow off the rest of the world while going on a spa date with your best friend. Wash away all the stress while having a rejuvenating tome together. Imagine this – tranquil atmosphere, relaxing music, a beautiful massage and your best friend right next to you, blissful isn’t it?

movie marathon

A Movie Marathon

Be it girly giggles or 100% action, a movie marathon with your best friend and unlimited pizza, popcorn and ice cream seems like a situation you should yearn to be in, once every few months. And though this isn’t only a onetime thing, it is definitely one on the bucket list because what better way to spend the day than re-watching your favourite movies with the person you grew up seeing them with.


A Legendary Staycation

The best part about getting together with your best friend is not being under the pressure of actually doing anything. Going out to a fancy place to eat or just staying at home and vegging out in front of the television, either way you’ll have the time of your life and if you’ve not done this in a while, then its high time that you did. Time spent with your “better half” reminiscing and reliving the good old days will only make your bond stronger and pave the way for even better times in the future.

The best part about life is that it’ll throw several people at you. Some will become friends, few will become good friends, while others will remain acquaintances, but the fact is that there will always be that one friend who you can turn to come hail or high water. And that bond is the strongest one of all!

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