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The Importance of Imperfection

Imperfection is beauty!

We all are in pursuit of perfection. Be it the perfect grades in school, the perfect mark sheet while graduating from college, the perfect score card while participating in sports, to have the perfect form, to be the perfect professional, the perfect friend, sibling, parent and eventually, the perfect person. That’s a lot of perfects right? Perfection is essentially the desire to have things which we want and do not have. But if we were to look at this from a different perspective, we would wind up with a very different picture. Have you ever wondered about everyone’s obsession with perfection and that maybe it is in our imperfections that real beauty and self-worth lies. Given the amount of imperfection that there is in this world, God must have really liked it or perhaps God had a bigger agenda. At the end of the day, imperfection is important and here’s why.

Creates Self-Belief

Imperfection gives rise to self-belief, sounds like an oxymoron, right? That’s primarily because we are tuned to think that being imperfect cannot facilitate a positive change. However, that’s not entirely true. The stepping stone to success is, after all, failure, and when you know that there are things about you that you can work on, it automatically becomes a driving force that spurs you on to making positive changes which in turn strengthens self-belief.

Flourishes Creativity

Only when you know the areas in which you can improve or strive to attain perfection, is when creativity comes into play. Problems can be solved in two ways, one where you work hard to ensure that a certain aspect changes or you can work smart and creatively to figure out the path of least resistance which will allow you to bring about the same changes. At the end of the day, being imperfect gives you the opportunity to think of creative ways to make yourself a better individual.

Builds Foundation

When you know that you’re imperfect you begin to figure out ways by which you can compensate for that deficit and making those positive changes to yourself is perhaps the best way to build foundation. Building foundation is dependent on a few things, retrospection and vision being two of them. Only once you start pinpointing the areas that need work can you start getting around to forming your goals and thereby build foundation.

Leads to Completion

There are a few things that we’re always in pursuit of like happiness and satisfaction. But have you ever thought that these were only means to a more impactful end? Happiness and satisfaction leads to one very important thing – completion and you can only feel complete when you start the journey as an individual who is not. One of the biggest things that imperfection leads us to is this sense of completion.

Perfection lies in Imperfection

Last but not the least; we were created in a particular way with our imperfections not because someone somewhere was feeling particularly vindictive, but because perfection lies in being imperfect. If you really think about it, the minute you consider yourself to be a perfect specimen, that minute you put an end to growth. Knowing that there are areas which require improvement is a motivating factor that drives us to become better versions of ourselves every day, and that in itself is perfection!

Never let your imperfections get the better of you because there’s something about just being yourself and letting everyone see the flawed, quirky, weird, beautiful, magnetic, raw and magical person that you are.

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