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The Importance of Kindness

You only rise when you are able to lift others.

There was a time when we were all taught in our formative years, about the importance of kindness and why it is necessary to extend a caring hand or give someone an unexpected hug. A lesson that remains significant throughout life, kindness is a virtue that everyone should strive to express more. In a world where people spend half their time in competition and the other half in analysis and worry, being kind is like that fresh breeze that has the power to clear the air no matter how murky it gets and though it can be difficult to overlook certain aspects and be kind in certain situations, doing so is required if you want to be a ‘bigger’ person. Unfortunately, the significance of a simple act of kindness is something that is steadily fading away in modern society, that too at time when it’s probably needed the most. To get everyone started, here’s why kindness is important in a society that very badly needs it.

Chain Reaction

You’re on your way to office. You’re a little late so you’re walking a little fast all hot and out of breath, when you see a frail old lady begging for alms. She asks for some money, but as a habit you keep walking with your eyes down, concentrating on the road. Now, here’s an alternative situation. Instead of walking on, stop for a minute, instead of grudgingly pulling out some coins, share your food, instead of frowning, throw in a smile. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction and when you’re kind to someone it starts a chain reaction that soon finds its way back to you!

Spreads Love

Who isn’t looking for love? Whether at work or life in general, we’re all looking for someone to love while hoping that the other person loves us back. Love can be of different types and can be conveyed through different gestures. One such gesture that conveys love is kindness. When you go out of your way to be kind to someone (and when someone goes out of their way to be kind to you), you’re automatically spreading love which has the power to bring bucket loads of happiness. A simple act of kindness can accomplish a whole lot, love being one of them.


Empathy, sympathy and apathy – three very powerful emotions, that plays an important role in shaping and forming relationships. However, while sympathy is to feel for and apathy is to not feel at all, empathy is all about feeling with, making it the most significant out of the three. One of the things that motivates us to be kind is the fact that we can relate with the other person(s) in question which in turn fosters empathy and since it’s always better to feel with rather simply feel for, kindness helps us empathise.

Feel Good Factor

Why do we do certain things? Is it because we feel strongly about or is it because doing those things reaffirms our beliefs? Are we motivated to do the thing in question because we have to do it or because we actually want to do it? Well, whatever be the case, one of the predominant reasons why we do what we do is because it makes us feel good and when this becomes the parameter, kindness becomes one of the biggest feel good factors. From free hugs to simply being nice, kindness helps us feel good about ourselves!


Do unto others as you would have them do unto you, famous words with lots of significance. Whether you’re a believer or not, we’re all afraid if we don’t do as deserved we will be treated that way in the future. In this world, we all fall under the rule of six degrees of separation and when the game is planned for you, it’s best to see the ripple effect that a random act of kindness can produce. If you’re a big believer of karma, then kindness should definitely be a part of your ‘do good’ repertoire.

We don’t really have to agree on anything to be kind to each other and in a world where you can be anything, be kind!

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