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The Importance of Tea Breaks at Work

To tea or not to tea, that is the question!

We all agree that having a cup of tea now and then can be very refreshing. However, the importance of tea (or coffee or lunch) breaks is actually far more significant. Not only does it provide you with a breather from you’re work but it gives you some much needed time to gather yourself back together again for it. It is a moment where you can stop and think, it is a moment where you can spend a few minutes reconnecting with yourself, it is a moment which you can use to make new friends. The importance of tea breaks at work is cross cultural and holds value irrespective of which country you are in. We all work increasingly long hours and at times, take our work back home with us as well. Going on a tea break now and then, gives us the space to think and relax. Be it to have a chat with a friend, ponder over a business idea, or watch an inspirational video, tea breaks at the end of the day is what keeps you going. Not convinced? Well, listed below are five solid reasons as to why tea breaks at work are absolutely crucial.

tea office workplace break reboot mind refresh invigorate

Allows You to Reboot

The human mind can be compared to a computer. Same complex functioning, same practical purpose and the same utility only, the human mind is more complex and requires more care. Which is why, at times, we all need to give our minds some rest and let it reboot, especially when things start getting too hot to handle. For when such situations arise, going on a short tea break is the perfect solution. Essentially what you’re doing in this time is that you’re switching yourself off entirely from work, from meetings, from deadlines, from client calls and the whole gamut. In doing so, you’re literally allowing your mind to go on a quick power nap. The trick is to get far enough away from distractions and technology to give your brain time to reset itself.

tea break office culture rejuvenate mind

Rejuvenates Your Mind

A high pressure work atmosphere can take its toll on your body as well as your mind, which is why taking a breather from time to time is so important. When you’re going on a tea break, you are allowing yourself to relax and stop thinking about what’s going on behind the office desk. It serves as a crucial coping mechanism which provides much needed relief from stressful work. Our mind has its limits, just like our body and it is our mistake that we tend to push it beyond sometimes instead of giving it a short break to rejuvenate. The worst part is, we all think the more breaks we take the more time we end up wasting but it is important to understand that such is not the case. It is the breaks that we take in between work that gives us the strength and the motivation to carry on without suffering from a burn out.

tea break office workplace productivity culture increase

Increases Productivity

According to Dr. Pernille Stroebaek from the University of Copenhagen, tea and coffee breaks “should not be considered a ‘waste’ of productivity…they have important social, and potentially monetary, value for organizations….and should be treated as communal practices that allow communities of coping to develop.” This quite clearly debunks the popular notion that tea breaks at work can be a waste of time. Here’s the thing, giving your mind a few minutes of rest results in much higher levels of productivity compared to the amount of time you spend overworking it. Tea breaks help you to refocus, rethink, re-hydrate and therefore to become more productive when you get back to your work station. Interestingly, some studies even show that going on tea breaks in between work not only increases productivity but the chances of getting promoted as well, now that should be a good enough reason!

tea break office workplace culture friendship colleagues co-workers

Fosters Friendship

Tea breaks are a very important part of office culture. You take a few minutes off, grab yourself a hot cuppa and head to your favorite spot with a couple of your colleagues, these are the moments we all look forward to. The best part about tea breaks is that not only do you send this time reconnecting and bonding with your old friends and colleagues, but it is the valuable time that you require to forge some new friendships. They say friendships are built around the water cooler, but the saying holds true for around the kettle as well! Cups of tea provide a great excuse for colleagues to join together and have a chat, discuss their lives, their interests, what they’ve been up to and even make weekend plan, if the opportunity arises. All in all, tea breaks facilitates interaction and camaraderie, which are an integral part of any workplace.

tea break office workplace culture ideate rejuvenate brainstorm

Facilitates Ideation

The most wonderful part about taking tea breaks in between work is that it actually helps you to think and come up with better ideas. Sometimes, all you need to do is take the mind out of the box in order to get the gears moving. There’s a different charm of sitting down with a hot cup of tea outside your office building, sitting, thinking and mulling over things – basically, allowing your mind to refocus. Tea breaks helps stimulate creative thinking and as a result, some of the best ideas and brainstorming sessions happen outside the office huddled over a hot cup of chai. This is primarily because your mind at that time is not running on overdrive and has the bandwidth to think of new and exciting things. Tea breaks enhance problem solving capabilities & creative thinking boosts our mood and even helps unlock hidden potential for a few people!

So the next time people look at you funny as you’re about to go on a tea break, stop, smile, and remind them that there’s always time for tea because if you want to work better, you have to TAKE A (TEA) BREAK!

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