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The Perks of Being a Nobody

Sometimes, being a ‘nobody’ is better than being a ‘somebody’.

When a large part of the day is consumed perusing through the multitude of comments, likes, shares and hundreds of updates on your friends’ profile, a sense of inadequacy fills us at times. Every day, somebody or the other is either getting a new job, getting married or achieving some milestone in life, that we’re nowhere close to achieving. Unfortunately, somewhere along the line, for all of us, being a somebody became more important than being comfortable in your own skin, somewhere along the line, our social circle and who we were seen with became more important than how were as an individual. This concept of a ‘nobody’ and a ‘somebody’ was and always be a tricky thing to wrap our heads around, given that it is so subjective in nature. In an effort to break it down as simply (as well as crudely) as possible a somebody is a person whose presence and contribution is valued as opposed to a nobody, whose contributions are (apparently) not. However, the more you live your life, the more you understand that being a nobody, contrary to popular belief, allows you to do amazing things for yourself, because being a somebody is often cranked up to be a lot more than it really is. If you’re still in doubt, then here are a few perks of being a nobody.

Master of your own fate

One of the biggest perk of being a nobody is that you get to be the master of your own fate. What you do is up to you, how you feel depends on your actions alone and you get to take control of every single situation in life, which in the long run, is far more valuable than having your life dictated and dependent upon other people. While we may feel the void that can be filled by being a somebody at times, when you’re a nobody, like Ulysses, a nobody’s goal is always ‘to strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.’

In control of time

One of the biggest perks of being a nobody is that you are given the gift of time. This may not be as thrilling as getting an actual, tangible gift, for example, like a paid vacation over a weekend, but in terms of value, the former is a lot more significant than you can imagine. Being a somebody requires you to divide your time between multiple groups and tasks, some that you may not even like. However, when you’re a nobody, your time is your own and you are in control of doing whatever you want with it.

The only way is up

When you’re a somebody, you’re caught in between crossroads of how to deal with a situation that involves other people, given that the sentiments of others is something you need to be careful of. This often results in stagnation of grow, both personal and otherwise. On the other hand, when you’re a nobody, the only way for you is up because the only person you have to worry about is yourself!

No Pressure

When you’re a nobody life suddenly becomes a lot less stressful and anxious. The world often underestimates the pressures associated with being a somebody who is extremely social and has more than one group that command their attention and presence. While there are always pressure points, the perk of being a nobody is that you get to have better control of what is happening in and around yours, more than the rest.

They make the world go round

Last but not the least, while being a somebody comes with its own set of excitements, the harsh truth is that it is like a flash in the pan, a set of momentary triumphs that fades away as quickly as it came along. Curiously enough, the think about nobodies is that they are the people who make the world go around. Silently and behind the scenes, it is what a nobody does that determines the way of the world.

Be a nobody and be proud of it!

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