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The Power of a Hug

Sometimes all you need is a hug!

What’s comforting and makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside? Hugs! If we all got a penny for replacing hostility with hugs, the world would be a richer and a much happier place to live in. Whether it’s to cheer you up, celebrate your achievements or for no particular reason at all; whether it’s from your partner, your parents or your best friend, a hug can never go wrong. The power of a hug is pretty awesome. Aside from making us feel wonderful, protected and loved, this touching gesture of a hug works wonders for our well-being. So be it a simple squeeze, a big bear hug or a just a simple cuddle — there are plenty of reasons why we should embrace the act of hugging someone.

Heals You

Research shows that hugs have healing properties. Not only do they help in lifting your mood, they make you healthier and happier as well. The practical healing abilities of a hug are quite significant. When you hug, the hormones that are released in your body actually contributes towards making you stronger physically. Hugs lower blood pressure levels, it boosts Oxytocin levels in your body which in turn helps you heal from feelings of loneliness, isolation & anger and it helps strengthen your immunity system as well. Who would have thought that the power of a hug can literally make you a healthier and stronger person!

Lifts Your Mood

Our bodies contain a chemical called Serotonin which is responsible for creating the feeling of happiness. When you hug someone, the levels of Serotonin in the body increases considerably and along with it, so does your mood. The power of a hug to make you feel happier, lighter and better is universally known. Whenever we see someone a little low or defeated we automatically feel like giving them a hug. What we don’t know is that along with our good intentions we are literally facilitating positive changes to occur within their body which in turn not only makes us feel better, but lifts our mood as well.

Teaches Giving & Receiving

Sharing is caring, which makes the actions of giving and receiving such important social functions. While we’ve all heard that you should give without expecting anything in return, the truth is that both giving and receiving are equally important. There is equal value in being receptive to warmth as it is to give and share generously. A hug, in this context, teaches us to give and receive in its purest form. It teaches us that love and acceptance can flow both ways and that it is more important to transcend from being materialistic and give & receive something that has a much larger, cosmic impact.

It Relaxes You

A hug has the power to relax you, it has the power to bring down your anxiety levels and calm you down when you start hyperventilating. This is primarily because hugging relaxes your muscles. It literally takes away any physical (and mental) pain by increasing circulation into the soft tissues. A hug, by nature, is nurturing and people associate feelings of trust, compassion and safety with it. When you’re hugging someone, you can instantly feel your mind and body relaxing and at the end of the day, there’s nothing like a bear hug to relax you when things are spiraling out of control.

Natural Stress Reliever

How many times have you felt stressed and all you’ve wanted was a giant hug from someone telling you that everything is going to be fine? Often, right? Hugs, like laughter, is one of the best medicines you can give and get, when it comes to relieving stress. It allows your mind to get out of any stress causing vicious circle it may be stuck in. The reason why hugs are a natural stress reliever is because when we hug, the amount of stress hormones, Cortisol, produced in our body reduces immediately. When this hormone is reduced, it makes our body release tension and it sends calming messages to our brain which automatically results in creating a stress free situation.

Hugs are like vitamins for the soul, they nourish you and makes you feel stronger. So, the next time you feel like giving a hug, don’t hold back!

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