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The Power of Meditation

Breathe in, breathe out

We all tend to be a little hard on ourselves. Whether it’s about a missed deadline or whether it’s about missing a friend’s wedding because of work, we all wish we could better ourselves in a way so that we were able to achieve everything that we wanted to. This falling short of our own expectations often becomes the cause of inner strife. This constant battle, this perpetual war that have going on within ourselves, obviously, takes its toll on us. Often resulting in distress and work-life related paranoia, this unnecessary stress that we put ourselves through manifests in physical and mental instability, which is not good for your overall well-being. To battle this is easier said than done and though it may be difficult, it isn’t impossible and one of the best ways to deal with this turmoil is by meditating on a regular basis. Considering the fact that every 2nd of October the entire country gets together to celebrate the life and achievements of Mahatma Gandhi, it would do well for us to take a leaf out of one of the nation’s most well-known freedom fighters and practice mediation in order to bring peace not only within ourselves but to the environment around us as well.

Creativity & Compassion

Meditation enables you to unleash your creative and compassionate side. When we mediate we literally shut ourselves from aggravating stimuli such as unfinished deadlines, taxing household chores, the struggles of finishing several things at one time and the likes. Once we successfully manage to distance ourselves from situations that gets us all riled up, we automatically start developing the otherwise neglected soft skills, like creativity and compassion. Research shows that meditation helps build empathy and compassion while enabling people to become more creative as well.

Less Anxiety

The more we meditate, the less anxious we become. This primarily happens because when we meditate we actually loosen the connections of particular neural pathways which in turn helps us coax our mind and body to relax and sort of ease into being comfortable in a given space. Our brains have a part that tends to obsess with things related to ourselves and our experiences. This part of the brain tends to react very strongly to situation and circumstances. When we meditate, we train this part of our brain to literally let go of things and peace out, which in turn results in lessening our anxiety levels.

Battles Stress

Mindful meditation is the key to battling stress. For people who meditate regularly, handling high pressure situations while not getting overwhelmed by stress becomes much simpler than people who don’t. Meditation not only relaxes your mind, but it relaxes your body as well. When you come out of a session you feel almost like a heavy weight has been lifted right off your shoulders, and that weight is stress. So much so, meditating regularly also makes you multitask without buckling under the stress of juggling several things at one time as well.

Better Focus

Mediation is all about focus. When you meditate your mind tends to focus on one particular thing. It could be an object, a person, a thought or just plain blank space. Due to the fact that meditation is a practice which requires focusing our attention and being aware of when it drifts, it actually improves our ability to be attentive when we’re not meditating, as well. Being able to focus and dedicate your mind entirely to a task and complete it in the best way possible is a lasting effect that comes from regular bouts of meditation.


Ahimsa, the art of practicing respect for all living things and avoidance of violence towards others. for most of us, every day begins with a battle, be it a battle from within or a battle from without, we’re always either struggling with or opposing something or the other. This constant strife that we have going on doesn’t help us in any way and in such circumstances the power of meditation truly shines through. The first step towards making the world a more peaceful place is by making sure that we attain inner peace first. We can only take on the added responsibility of conditioning the actions of people around us, when we are completely in control of our own actions. Regular meditation not only helps us attain that level of inner peace, but it helps us sustain it as well.

The goal of meditation is not to control your thoughts, it’s to stop letting your thoughts control you.

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