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The Relationship between Valentine’s Day and Chocolates

All you need is love…and chocolates!

Valentine’s Day is just a week away and we can already feel cupid working overtime. It’s the season of love and whether we care to admit it or not we are all secretly (or not so much, for certain people) looking forward to the 14th of February. Coincidentally enough, the day the world chooses to celebrate love is also the day that the world chooses to celebrate one of the most quintessential symbols of love – chocolates. The act of gift giving on this day is a ritual has not gone ignored over time and of all the gifts you can decide to give, chocolates happen to be one of the (if not the) best. Historically speaking, in 1861, Richard Cadbury invented the first ever heart shaped chocolate box, which today has grown to become a tradition, thus creating an unbreakable relationship between chocolates and Valentine’s Day. To say that chocolates are an integral part of Valentine’s Day is an understatement and to imagine one without the other would be absolutely absurd and incomplete. If you’re still trying to understand this relationship that has stood the test of time, then here are a few facts that might help you break it down.

Helps us emotionally connect

Many people think that giving a box of chocolates to your Valentine is a very impersonal gift to give on a day that is meant to be special. This however, this is not true. With different variations, personalisation and customisation options available, there are very few things that comes close to saying ‘I love you’, than a perfect box of chocolates. A symbol of affection, attraction and deep love, chocolates helps us connect emotionally, which is exactly what we’re looking for on Valentine’s Day.

It’s good for the heart

The heart works in mysterious ways, but the one thing that always works with it, is chocolates. Curiously enough, the thing that makes the heart sing and swell with love is also the same thing that keeps it healthy. Apart from being delicious, chocolates are very good for the heart. The anti-oxidants present in chocolates helps the body cells resist and repair damage while the flavanols found in cocoa and in chocolates, helps lower blood pressure and improves blood flow to the brain and the heart.

It’s an aphrodisiac

What’s Valentine’s Day without some love and the fact that chocolate are considered to be an aphrodisiac is what makes them all the more perfect. Chocolates contain certain types of chemicals which helps induce the feeling of affection, which are released when people fall in love. Studies suggesting chocolate being an aphrodisiac is yet another reason that strengthens the bond between the luxurious treat and Valentine’s Day and corroborates further, the fact that the two have indeed mated for life!

An old-school tradition

The relationship between chocolates and Valentine’s Day isn’t something that came out in the open just a few years ago. In fact, this relationship is one that has literally passed the test of time. From our first crush to our first ever serious relationship, chocolates have been consistently a part of Valentine’s Day from right before the time of our great-grandparents and will continue to do so beyond the time of our great-grand children, making chocolates a lasting Valentine’s Day tradition that will never grow old.

We all love chocolates

Finally and perhaps the most compelling reason why the relationship between chocolates and Valentine’s Day is such a hit is because everybody loves it! Whether it’s an assorted box of truffles or an exotic collection of unique flavours, whether it’s a delicious homemade cake or a gorgeous box of chocolate coated strawberries, we all go gaga over chocolates. It never fails to lift our mood or let us know just how much we are loved and cared for, chocolates always seems to say the right thing to make us feel special. And though laughter maybe the best medicine, sometimes, all you need is love and a big old dose of chocolate!

If coffee makes it possible to get out of the bed, then chocolate makes it worthwhile and though some relationships are not meant to last forever, some are a match made in heaven, like Valentine’s Day and chocolates!

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