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The Secret to Co-Existing and Co-Working

Co-existing without conflict with your colleagues at the work place is an absolute must. After all, every one lives happily ever after only when there’s peace in the jungle. However, this balance of power, this harmony across the metaphorical food chain is easier thought of than executed. Co-existing can be hard, especially when a situation calls for so many people from different cultures, different levels of experience and different designations working together in close quarters. Fortunately, every puzzle has a solution and if you internalize these super simple philosophies at the work place, co-exiting and co-working will no long be an obstacle.

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Manage Expectations

The first thing that you need to do if you want to co-exist is manage expectations. Unrealistic expectations could often lead to excessive pressure and increased amount of stress. It can give rise to situations where you find yourself stuck with nowhere to go and no alternative route to take either. This feeling of being cornered fosters an environment that’s hostile, one that is not conducive to creating that harmonious balance with your colleagues. Setting expectations straight eliminates all of this because right from the very beginning people will know what you are best at and what areas aren’t your strong points.


One of the best things about working with people is creating an opportunity for yourself where you get to learn, which is why contributing and helping your colleagues out when it’s not exactly your job is essential to co-existing. Everyone, at some point or the other in their jobs, need help, whether they decide to ask for it openly or stay silent and secretly wish for someone to read their S.O.S signal. Contributing towards the betterment of your colleagues at times like this allows you to create a support system that only grow stronger each day, thereby facilitating a feeling of trust and co-existence.

Team Work

Team work. Two words that lie at the crux of co-existing. Any work place wold fall apart without team work, because a team that works together, stays together! A team that works well together understands the strengths and weaknesses of each team member and understanding what makes the other members of the team tick is essential to co-existing. It is when you acknowledge the importance, the synergy & the positive vibes and accept the fact that the entire team functions like the cogs of a wheel (a wheel, that without one cog, would fall apart) that you get one step closer to co-existing and co-working.

co-exist work office workplace colleague friendship peace efficient productive team work

Take Interest

Living and working in a silo got no one anywhere. Gone are the days when you could come to work, go straight to your bench, open up your binder, take out your notepad, do your work (no more and no less) and head on back home when the clock struck five. Today, working in an organization (or anywhere in fact) requires you to proactively take interest in what your colleagues are doing, even if they’re not from the same team and department. Developing keen interest on what’s happening in your workplace not only helps create an environment that’s enables co-existence, but allows you to grow as a professional as well!

co-exist work office workplace colleague friendship peace efficient productive live

Live & Let Live

If you want to co-exist at the workplace, you need to learn how to live and let live. From people to presentations, from deadlines to dealing with a particularly difficult colleague, these things are dealt with best if you give it it’s due importance and then move on to other things that matter more. The principle of to live and let live is anchored in a very simple philosophy – the fact that you need not concern yourself with everything that does not involve you directly. Once you have this philosophy down pat, you’ll find that co-existing with your co-workers will become that much simpler.

When you learn to co-exist, co-working becomes cinch!

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