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The Worst Things To Say To Women At Work

You know how they say that you shouldn’t poke your head inside a hungry lion’s mouth? Well, believe it or not there are somethings that are worse than that, for example provoking the fairer sex at the workplace when things are already a little stressed out. So to make sure that you’re always the wiser, here are a few things that you never say to women at work.


Watch your words

“Calm Down”

– You’ll actually get the opposite result

“That’s not my job”

– Just step out of your comfort zone a little and help!

“You ate the whole thing?”

– Lunch time can be equally tricky, be aware, very aware

“Is that what you’re wearing to the meeting?”

– A compliment here would be good damage control

“It’s that time of the month, isn’t it?’

– If you mean that time when we set everything on fire, yes

“You only got your job because you’re a woman”

– Run. Run like the wind.

“You do so well, for a girl”

– Yes, and so do you for someone who should be selling banana’s from a cart

“You’re being too emotional”

– Are you sure you’re being rational by uttering such a statement?

“Just relax”

– Sure. Why not? It’s always THAT simple

“So how old are you?”

– You have 3 seconds to change that sentence

So next time you think you know exactly what your line's going to be, make sure you think twice!

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