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Things to Drop from Your Life Before the New Year Begins

Before Alice went to Wonderland, she had to fall!

New year means a new beginning, not just literally but metaphorically as well. Our days on this planet are numbered, we live only for a certain number of years and spend more than half of it learning (or rather trying to understand) all the different nuances like money, friendship, love, work and people among others. So, it only makes sense that whatever time we have to spare once we are done with the details, we should spend trying to make a difference. When you start the new year, it’s only right that we do so with a fresh new perspective on life and everything that it offers. Therefore, in light of starting with a clean slate, here are a few things that we should all drop from our lives before we begin our journey through 2017.


The world is increasingly becoming a negative place. People are always in a rush, no one stops to think anymore and when it comes to showing kindness towards others, we all need to go back to our basics. Therefore, this new year the biggest thing that you can leave behind is negativity. Starting 2017 with a positive attitude will have an impact that is much larger than we can conceive. Positivity is like a breath of fresh air that has the power to turn around a bad situation instantly and if doing that takes no extra effort, then why not!


Doubt to our lives is like a thorn to a rose. Just like the thorn makes us think twice about the beauty of this flower, doubt makes us think twice about ourselves and everything that we are capable of. When you start doubting, you invariably deny yourself opportunities which otherwise could have worked to your advantage. It is impossible to hope that everything you do happens peacefully and without any trials or tribulations – such things are, but a part of life. Therefore, this new year promise to doubt less and dream more.

Saying yes all the time

How many times have you said yes to doing something or to a situation, when you don’t even know whether you want to do it or agree with it entirely? Several, right! Well this new year, this too shall have to change. Saying yes all the time never got anyone anywhere. When saying yes makes you feel uncomfortable, miserable or stressed, it’s then time to say no, however hard it may be. Leave behind the ‘yes man’ attitude and embrace the understanding to choose between what you need to do and what you’re coerced to do.

Feeling sorry for yourself

If there’s anything worse than doubt is the tendency to sympathize and indulge in self-pity. The ‘damsel in distress’ card maybe cute but not when you make a habit of using it at every chance you get. Gone are the days when you sit and feel sorry for yourself endlessly, when you start feeling the blues, just give yourself a shake and get right back up on the horse. This new year, make saying ‘poor me’ a part of the past and go forth with renewed confidence, vigour and a zest for life.

The Past

Last but not the least, before the clock strikes 12, bid adieu to the year gone by along with your past. Dwelling on what has happened never did anybody any good, not like you can go back in time and change everything. The only way that you can do anything about the past is by learning from it and putting that learning to good use in the future. And just when you think that you carry a burden that is too heavy to offload, just remember, – “yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift of God, which is why we call it the present.”

Remember to thank the past year for all the lessons and welcome the new one with open arms.

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