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Turn Sunday into a Funday with Zero Screen Time

Who doesn’t like a Sunday!

The Sunday routine is pretty much fixed for everyone – enjoy a good sleep in, treat yourself to a ‘duvet day’, break the diet whenever possible, find a comfortable spot from where you can binge watch your favourite shows and throw in a movie marathon when you feel up to it. Whether intentionally or not, the ‘Sunday pattern’, irrespective of the various aspects it holds, never fails to extensively feature screen time. Be it a good old Netflix binge, an endless movie marathon or revisiting an old sitcom for nostalgia’s sake, Sunday without screen time is like strawberries without whipped cream! However, and this might sound a little absurd at the beginning, the fun element of Sunday need not have to revolve around a screen, in fact, there are various ways of making Sunday a funday without involving any screen time at all. While we may find ourselves in the deep with respect to coming up with ideas to do so, the suggestions below are there just to make things easier for you! One of the best way to steel oneself from the Monday blues, here are five ways that you can turn a Sunday to a funday with zero screen time.

Enjoy Alone Time

While staying in bed later than the usual wake-up time is a treat in itself, Sunday’s deserve all the time you can give it because it’s the only way you can make up for all the time lost during the week that has gone by. Which is why, the first thing that you should do to turn a Sunday into a funday, is to wake-up early and start off the day with some much needed ‘me time’- watch the sunrise, do some meditation, go for a brisk walk or a jog and start the day with a bang.


Now this one might seem absolutely incongruous but believe it or not, spending a few hours on a Sunday cleaning, is an oddly satisfying act. The best part about this task is that cleaning can be transformed from a boring chore to a fun filled activity by simply using your creativity. Involve family and friends, make it into a relay and if you’re up for it, you could even take the cleaning to another level by switching it up from literal to metaphorical, ensuring that you begin the week with a clean slate.


Sunday and brunch are two words that have become synonymous with each other. A beautiful sun kissed afternoon, with delicious food, refreshing beverages, good music, great company and an ambience that does perfect justice to it all – Sunday brunch is really what we all need to give us the much needed encouragement before the start of a fresh new week, just goes on to prove that – brunch is always a good idea!

Party in the Park

The fun need not stop with the brunch; continue the good mood and the good cheer by carrying over the party to the nearby park where you can have a great time relaxing on the grass and enjoying a breathtaking sunset. Post brunch time at the park can very easily be turned into a party with some good old fashioned outdoor games, music and activities that the entire group can take part in together.

Treat Yo’ Self

Last but not the least, the best way to end a Sunday is the way you started it – with some alone time! Weekends are for treating yourself; especially Sunday’s as that is when you gear yourself up for the week that is ahead. Get yourself a good book, prepare yourself a nice dinner (you could recreate your favourite dishes or even go for your favourite take out option, if you don’t feel like entering the kitchen) and allow yourself to indulge in all the things that you won’t be able to once the week starts.

Now you can turn every Sunday into a Funday without having to vegetate in front of a screen!

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