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Unusual Christmas Tree Ornaments

What will be on your tree this Christmas?

Christmas is knocking on our doors and it’s that time of the year again when we take out the tree and make it the center of attention. You have to admit, getting the whole family together to decorate the tree is good fun – everybody gathered around, working their way to the very top, putting a little bit of themselves and their creativity into each part – these are memories that you cherish forever. But has it ever crossed your mind that maybe this year you should do something different? Perhaps spice things up and make the tree extra special so that you and your guests can talk about it for year to come? Well, when you have the opportunity to transform something ordinary to extraordinary, why not grab it with both hands and give it the most creative spin that you can. If you’re heading out to get the ornaments to decorate your Christmas Tree and you want to do something different, below is a compiled list of rather unusual things that can double up as excellent decorative ornaments to help you get your creative juices flowing.

Clay art

Turn decorating the Christmas tree into the most epic DIY project of the year with this idea. Swap the bells and the balls with some customized clay art. Now, don’t fret, we’re not saying that these need to look like they’ve come straight from an artist’s workshop, in fact, the more imperfect they are, the better! Think of all the things you love as a family or go for the one thing that each person holds very dear to their heart and turn it into a miniature figurine which you can then hang on the tree.

Mason Jars

This year was all about mason jars. Mason jar DIY’s, mason jar meals, mason jar candles, mason jar pretty much everything. So, it only makes sense when mason jars become a highly likely candidate as decorations for the Christmas tree as well. From baubles to fairy lights, from stars to bells, everything looks better when you put them inside a mason jar. So, this Christmas, take the tree decoration game up a notch and give it a unique and an edgy look, one that will be remembered for holidays to come.


Reuse, reduce and recycle – a mantra that is as applicable as it is necessary in today’s day and age. While shopping for Christmas tree decorations is a happy moment on its own, why not think outside the box (or in this case, outside the store) and venture out into something that’s a little bit more natural. The world outside holds wonders beyond our comprehension and something as simple as a pinecone has the power to completely transform the look of your tree from one to a million bucks. Just goes to show, nature is always your best bet!


What’s better than decorations that makes a tree look resplendent? Decorations that make the tree look resplendent and are edible! Yes, you read right, using edible elements like cookies and candy works very well as decorative items. From acorn-shaped gingerbread cookies to little Santa Clauses decorated with royal icing, from traditional candy canes to butterscotch toffees, just prep them, bake, add a whole lot of love and string them up on the tree, we guarantee it’ll never look (and taste) better.


The holidays are all about spending time with the ones you love, reliving old memories and creating new ones and this last unusual Christmas tree decoration on the list is probably the most special one yet. Remember all those selfies and group pictures of you and the family that were taken on vacations and family gatherings? Why keep them hidden in drawers when you can display them so proudly on your tree! Just make a selection of your favorite clicks, tape them to a string and hang them right there on the tree with oodles of happiness and joy. Family is where life begins and love never ends and celebrating this everlasting bond during a time of the year when you want to be close to your loved ones more than anything else is just perfect.

This year, make your Christmas tree extra special by adding something truly unique to it.

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