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Unusual Uses for Mobile Phones

Have you ever used your smartphone for purposes other than what it’s meant for?

The mobile phone is a rather versatile object! If you think about it, in most cases, smartphones are handed to us as blank canvases with the hardware and the software installed, what we do with it after that is entirely up to us.! Used for a multitude of purposes other than making calls and sending messages, mobile phones have literally become our ‘go-to’ device no matter what the situation is. For many, the mobile phone is the only technological device around at home and with time it has given rise to several unique functionalities. With time, the world’s fastest growing market has developed some of the most innovative uses as well and though we’ve all used our cell phones for multiple purposes, here are some of the more unusual and quirky ones.


Using your phone as a paperweight is such an obviously good idea that it’s almost genius. If you think about it, the setting for this is perfect – we’re always with our phone and whether we are at work or we are home, there always seems to be an obscene amount of papers lying around us at all times. So, why not shoot two birds with one stone? Have your phone nearby at all times while ensuring that all your important documents are safe and in order!

Digital Doctors

Thanks to our nine to five days going by in a flash with umpteen deadlines and chores constantly knocking at our doors, none of us have any time to take care of ourselves as we should, let alone going to a doctor for regular check-ups. Which is why, our smartphones acting like digital doctors where you can do anything from monitoring your pulse to keeping a check on how many calories you consume, is definitely a great alternate use for it.

Scanner / Copier

Isn’t it annoying that whenever you’re in need of a scanner or a copier, there never seems to be one around? Well, you’ll never have to face this problem again ever, because your phone can double up as both. From filling up forms for a bank loan or a government identity card, you can now keep a copy of all important documents, scanned and ready, in seconds. Convenient, effective and without the added cost of paying to use a cyber café, this use of mobile phones has got to be one of the most advantageous.

Remote Control

With technology evolving at the speed of light, multi-functional uses for everyday objects which were otherwise unthought-of are becoming very common. One such use is that of our cell phones as a remote control. Yes, you heard us right. The next generation of televisions hitting the market comes with a special feature, that of being compatible with our cell phones. So now you actually have the option of watching TV and controlling it with their mobiles at the same time!

The Missed Call

This has got to be the most unique and whimsical alternate use of the cell phone – the missed call! For those of you who like going old school, then you’ll understand the value of completing the cycle of dialing, waiting, conversing and then hanging up, but if you’re born a few decades later, then you’ll know the importance (and the thrill) of the missed call. A recently developed habit, the missed call is literally the new method of communication which the entire nation has become used to. So, if you thought that your cell phone was meant for calling, then think again.

So, what are you going to use your smartphone for today?

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