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Ways to Make Life Simple Again

There’s beauty in simplicity!

The principle of ‘a simple life’ has different meanings for different people. For some it may be giving up every materialistic aspiration while for others, it could mean living comfortably within their means with all that they love, either way though; this concept revolves around ways through which one can remove some of life’s complexities so that one can enjoy their precious time on this planet with their loved ones. However, having a simple life literally sounds simpler than it is. With increasing responsibilities both on the personal and professional front, we have more commitments to honour than we could honestly care for. With our nine-to-five’s becoming nine-to-never ending, it has become all the more important to remind ourselves of what truly matters at the end of the day. It never takes time complicating things, keeping it simple, now that is a little tricky and if you’re a firm believer in the fact that less is more, then here’s few things you can do every day to make life simple and sweet again.


Life’s a mess and boy do we know it. From a work-life balance that we can hardly boast about to a priority list that is most severely lopsided, the more we live it, the higher the metaphorical pile of papers seem to grow. Which is why, de-cluttering your life is step one towards making an effort to bring simplicity back. Be it literally organising your surroundings to eliminating all the ‘dirt’ both within and without, once you begin to de-clutter you’ll automatically taking a turn for the simple.

Cut the chord

Being held back or feeling like you’ve been shackled down is never a good experience, it’s like a bird being held captive in a cage when all it’s meant to do is fly free. Being tied down to things is counterproductive to a simple life, whether it’s your job or a life that doesn’t let you be you, the minute you feel your freedom is being compromised is when all the complexities rise. This is why cutting the chord with everything that’s unnecessary and that pulls down is so important.

Value people

Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get. Just like life, the people you meet are also like chocolates coming right at you in all their variety and flavours. At the end of the day, one of the things that makes each life worth living, are the people who play a role in it. Irrespective of whether they’re pralines, cream filled or straight up original, the more you value the people who makes your life extra special, the sweeter and simpler it’ll become.

Manage time

For the globe-trotters of the digital era, time management is probably the most important skill that is both highly in demand and severely lacking. When we need to take things slow and appreciate everything around us, we’re in a hurry and when we need to speed things up, we end up procrastinating. However, it is this very paradox that makes time so crucial in our lives. Time and tide wait for man and if you really want to make your life simpler, then it’s about time you started getting on top of it!

Let go

Last but not the least, if we want our lives to become simpler, then the thing we must learn how to do is let go. Not giving up is good, but holding on to something that has run its course is only a deterrent that keeps you from achieving your dreams. Letting go is a part of moving on to something better and theory says that you may never get what you really want if you’re too busy forming unbreakable ties with things that aren’t meant to be yours. Symbolic of a better tomorrow, acknowledging self-worth, promoting self-love and all that is wonderful, once you let go, you’re one step closer to a simpler and a happier life.

Once you understand that very little is needed to make a happy life, nothing can stop you from achieving simplicity!

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