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What to Do with Left Over Rotis

Finding leftovers in the fridge is one of those simple things that brings a lot of happiness. But more often than not, what is left over are the staples and not the sides. While this too is good news, we at times fail to figure out the best way to utilize them, especially if the left overs are items like bread, rice or roti. Roti’s or chapatti are a staple in most Indian households. Many of us eat roti’s for at least one meal in the day and given its frequent consumption, we are often left with a stack of roti’s that we struggle to find something that’s fresh and vibrant to do with them. Thankfully, with these fun, easy and super convenient recipes, your left over roti’s will soon go from becoming a bane to a boon.

food leftover snack dinner lunch delicious innovative cook quesadilla

Healthy Quesadilla

Quesadilla’s are a very popular Mexican dish that makes for a great light lunch and an even greater midday or an early evening snack. Quesadilla’s are usually made with flour tortilla with a delicious filling in between, which is then grilled to perfection. Imagine how perfect it would be to use the left over roti’s to make one of these when the hunger pangs start kicking in and you’re looking around for something light to eat. The best part about this is that when you replace a flour tortilla with a roti, which is usually made out of wheat, you’re actually cutting down the calories and turning it into a healthy snack.

Chips & Dip

What’s a party without chips and dip right? Over generations, this all-time favorite snack has become quite the popular choice for whether you’re hosting a party, a small get together or for a weekend movie marathon. Chips and dip have had various renditions, and one of the reasons why it has become such a favorite is because of the sheer variety of this dynamic duo. So how does left over roti’s feature in this? Well, left over roti’s can be turned into crispy, healthy chips in no time at all! Cut the roti up into chip size pieces, drizzle some olive oil on them, sprinkle some spices (if you want) and put them in the oven for a few minutes to let them crisp up. Once that’s happening, all you need to do is get a delicious dip ready and you’re sorted.


Next on the list, a tex-mex favorite – burritos. Burritos are quite similar to kathi rolls, but the difference lies in the filling. While you’d fill a kathi roll with assorted vegetables and/or meat and are very ‘Indian’ in their flavor, burritos are more of an American/Mexican snack that has a filling made out of assorted vegetables, meat, fried beans and spicy rice – either way, it’s a treat and one that the whole world loves to eat. Left over roti’s make for great burritos. Just get them going on the grill, put in a filling of your choice (make sure to make it nice and fat and round) and eat your way into heaven.

food leftover snack dinner lunch delicious innovative cook burrito

Kathi Rolls

The king of snacks, kathi rolls can never go out of style and taste. A quintessential snack on the go from the eastern part of the country (read, Kolkata), kathi rolls are great when you’re in search of a light lunch or dinner or even when you’re thinking of innovative things to pack for your child’s lunch. Kathi rolls are a great way to use up left over roti’s, especially since with these things, no one can eat just one. All you have to do is lightly fry up the roti on a pan for a few minutes and pick a filling of your choice. This quick and easy treat will blow the mind of vegetarians, non-vegetarians, kids and adults alike!

food leftover snack dinner lunch delicious innovative cook lasagna


We’ve saved a very unusual one for the last – lasagna made out of left over roti’s. Now we all know that lasagna is a continental dish that made by alternating sheets of pasts with cheese and a lovely meat / vegetable based sauce, but if you love to cook, then you’ll know that cooking is as much about improvising as it is about following a recipe. Make a lasagna with a twist by replacing the paste sheets with left over roti’s and then following the remaining steps as is. You can even experiment with the filling and give it more of an ‘Indian’ feel rather than a continental one, but either way, one will remain constant – the fact that it’s going to taste smashing!

So, the next time you have a few roti’s left over from the weekend binge, don’t fret, use them to whip up something delicious!

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