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What You Should Be Gifting Your Father On Father’s Day

“Dads are most ordinary men, turned by love into heroes, adventurers, story-tellers and singers of song.” – Pam Brown

In a world where we grow up idolizing superheroes with capes, we often forget that our real superhero is right there next to us. Yes, we’re talking about DADS! When God made, dads, we assume he thought of the following words and phrases – strong, silent, resilient, protective, guardian angel, idol, brave, blessing, compassionate, confident, courageous, hero, and the list goes on. Forever a multi-tasker, a father is someone who is looking after you from the side lines, protecting you from harm and pushing you to better yourself. Like a silent guardian angel, he is the person who would take on the world for you, whenever required, at the drop of a hat. With Father’s Day around the corner (it’s tomorrow, the 19th of June!), here are a few things that you can get your main man to let him know how thankful you are, of his importance in your life and make his day extra special!

Father's Day kitchen set holiday dad gift present hero

A Kitchen Set

For the people who think that the kitchen is the “mother’s domain”, they are highly mistaken. As a matter of fact, in some families, the dads are the ones who are more inventive in the kitchen and run the ship. So, with dads becoming more and more cosmopolitan by the day, it does not come as a surprise that an all-inclusive kitchen set is probably what your dad is secretly wishing for. The best thing about this gift is that it facilitates the need for some quality time spent with your dad in the kitchen, where the two of you can whip up some delicious treats for the rest of the family. An extensive kitchen set could comprise a set of well sharpened knives (a pocket knife even, if you’re thinking out of the box), a pair of barbecue tongs, a resting board for when you’re doing a hearty roast together, a set of spatulas so that you can rustle up a great Sunday brunch and maybe even some coal and a mini barbecue grill with an assortment of sauces! (summers are looking better already, aren’t they?!)

Father's Day book dad gift present hero

A Book

If you’re wracking your brains for the perfect Father’s Day gift, then think no more. A good book makes for a great gift on Father’s day, mainly because of how simple it is. Don’t get us wrong though, thinking of the right book to gift your dad can be quite a task. But the reason why it such a wonderful present to give your dad (or anyone for the matter of fact) is because it shows that you’ve put in some thought and taken the effort to understand the likes and dislikes of the person is question. If your father’s a sports fan or a food buff, a deep thinker or a fan of fiction, we guarantee that there’ll be a perfect book sitting on the shelf of a book store waiting for you. Some classic “dad books” are ‘Someone Could Get Hurt – A Memoir of Twenty-First-Century Parenthood’ by Drew Magary; ‘Let’s Explore Diabetes With Owls’ by David Sedaris, which is a witty read and will have you and your dad cracking up or a classic Stephen King, reminding him of his growing up days. Make this gift ultra-special by writing a message with the occasion and the date on the first page!

Father's Day hammock relax dad gift present hero

A Hammock

The next one on the list is a rather unusual gift item. Coming up as number two on the best dad gifts for Father’s Day is – a hammock. If you think about it, which dad would not like to chill on a hammock on a hot summer afternoon with a book in his hand and a cold drink by his side!? The simplicity of this gift is what makes it so great along with the fact it is so easy to dismantle, set up and carry around. Be it for camping trips or a leisurely holiday on the beach; a hike up a mountain or a wonderful stay-cation, relaxing with your dad next to you on a hammock is a picture that’s as perfect as it gets. Distinctive, quirky, eccentric, individualistic and mega-special, a hammock is an ideal gift for the ideal father.

Father's Day customized holiday dad gift present hero

Anything Customized

Nothing says “I love you, dad” more than a customized gift, created especially for him on his special day. Think along the lines of an engraved pen, a wooden plaque with his favorite quote carved onto it, a big coffee mug with “world’s greatest dad” written on it or even a quirky t-shirt with an embarrassing picture of him and when you were a little kid! Dads don’t often express this, but secretly, we’re sure their hearts melt on receiving something that shows the love and affection you feel for him. The best thing about customizing gifts is that you’re taking a memory and immortalizing it, and let’s face it, nothing says Happy Father’s Day better than that.

Titan Edge Father's Day timepiece watch classy holiday dad gift present hero

A Classic Timepiece

We’ve saved the best for the last – a classic timepiece. If you’ve been saving up to buy your dad a truly special gift for Father’s Day, then this is what you need to buy. An evergreen watch makes the perfect Father’s Day gift for a few reasons. It’s classic, it stands the test of time (quite literally!), it’s suave, stylish & sophisticated and it is a symbol of a person who has arrived in life – quite like our fathers! The Titan Edge collection houses some of the finest timepieces, crafted for the man who means so much to you. Dapper and extremely fashionable, these watches are created keeping minimalism and exclusivity in mind. The elegant designs that are made from high-quality materials, exude fine detailing and attention to craftsmanship. Both aesthetically pleasing and incredibly practical, gift your dad the timepiece which will make his wardrobe complete!

We all have a hero in our lives, and his name is DAD! Happy Father’s Day to our anchor, our strength, our support and our biggest inspiration.

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