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What Your 2017 Travel Bucket List Should Look Like


2017 is just around the corner and that means rebooting yourself for a fresh start, resolutions, cut-backs and most importantly, new goals! When we think of the year gone by, we think of the areas in which we could have done better, what we missed out on and where could we have capitalized more (over and above all our accomplishments and the positive things, of course), and one of the things which we wish we could have enjoyed a little more is travel. exploring the world and going to places has a charm of its own that has a lot more significance than just a very fat and prosperous looking passport. Fundamentally transforming us for the better, when you travel, you get to broaden your mind and spirit. Travelling is also about taking a break from the stress that we encounter in our daily lives (we must all be in agreement to the fact that the more breaks that we can get from this, the better!) and reinforcing ourselves to find the inspiration to move in new directions. Therefore, it is only logical that we pledge to make the most of this new year with respect to travel because at the end of the day, to travel is to truly live. To get that wanderlust going, here are some pretty tempting travel goals that will make you want to pack your bags and get out from the first day itself.

Sleep under the stars

We’ve all grown accustomed to relating magic with black billowing robes and someone making things appear and disappear at will, with the flick of a wand. Curiously enough, magic exists in other forms as well and one such form is lying down and looking up into a sky full of stars. A constant metaphor for the beauty that lies within (and without) going to places where when you look up, you feel both overwhelmed and humbled at the same time is priceless and should definitely feature in your list.

Swim with the Fishes

Travelling does not have be limited to the Earth’s surface, travelling should be about exploring places that you’ve never been to before. Possibly, as a part of your ‘let’s do something new this year’ plan, scuba diving could definitely be a part of your travel goals. To say that the experience is unparalleled is an understatement and if you’re an adventure loving traveler then this one’s a must do because once you explore what lies beneath the surface you’ll find yourself being transported to a whole different world altogether.

Be on top of the world

If mountains are your thing, then hill stations should be on top of your 2017 travel goals list. For the adventurer and the chiller in you, hill stations and the snowy peaks have this way of getting your adrenaline rushing while enveloping you in a sense of calm at the same time. Maybe it is this juxtaposition of two contrary emotions that makes them so irresistible or the fact that no matter which part of the world it is, the view from on top of the world is almost always incredible!

Get a taste of luxury

A new place can be discovered and remembered in several ways – through photographs and picture postcards, through the words of a memoir or a souvenir bought from the flea market, but a traveler, who discovers a city through its cuisine, truly tastes it. Therefore, if you have an intrepid palette, when you’re making your travel bucket list for 2017 make sure you include culinary hot-spots that are known for its distinctive cuisines and unique flavors that will leave you salivating for more.

Revisit History

Last but not the least, one of the things that tempts us all to travel the most, is history and the rich cultural heritage of different cities which is nothing short of awe inspiring. If you truly love the heart and soul of a new place, then destinations that allow you to revisit its history, must feature in your bucket list. Every city that exists in the world has some connection to its illustrious past that still remains. From places where just a smile can speak a thousand words, to one that is full of compassion and has a heart that beats for billions of people, from places where you go to discover yourself to ones where you end up unearthing a lot more than you ever expected, revisiting the history and the heritage of any new place is reason enough to always keep a suitcase packed and ready to go.

In 2017, wander where the Wi-Fi is weak!

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