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What Your Parents Aren’t Telling You

Behind strong individuals who believes in themselves is a parent who believed in them first!

The relationship between us and our parents can be segregated into several phases. From being our primary care givers to being our best friends and our worst enemies, our parents are our life lines and pretty much our best bet when it comes to life itself. Unfortunately, with all the getting busy with life and not having enough time to spare a few moments for the ones who love us unconditionally, the real value of our parent’s dawns on us later than sooner. When it comes to genuine love and uncontainable support, no one in our lives can best our parents, yes, they might be harsh sometimes, but that’s only because the situation calls for it. Like all relationships, the one that we share with our parents also suffers from miscommunication and misunderstandings. So much so, that sometimes we just don’t get what they are saying and how we could possibly benefit from it. However, behind every strong statement that is passed (no matter how much we tend to disagree with it) there’s a more significant statement that is not being said, a statement that perhaps explains the magnanimity of their actions and their words. Thus, as a testimony to the ones who make us and shape us as the individuals that we are today, here are some things that your parents aren’t telling you directly but implying them instead.

Slow Down

It’s one thing when you are efficient and can work through stuff at a decent speed, but it’s another thing altogether when we don’t find the time to stop even for a second to breath. We spend our lives rushing through things almost like we have a train to catch every thirty minutes. Be it deadlines at work or cooking a meal at home, everything is hurried and often lackluster. Therefore, when our parents call us during the middle of a working day, it’s not to test our patience while we have a million things to do, but to tell us, indirectly, that if we don’t take a few minute and slow down, life will pass us by so fast that we’ll regret not having spent enough time doing what we love!

Be Patient

Patience is a virtue and who better to tell us that than our parents. By nature, the millennials of this generation are impatient. We don’t like explaining things more than a couple of times, we get irritated when we have to wait in a queue and let’s not even get started on what happens when our laptops decide to take hours for an update. At times like this, we often forget about the times when back in the day (and sometimes even now) others waited patiently for us till we managed to grasp or execute whatever was in question. Our parents are a constant reminder of the saying ‘to do to others as I would as they should do to me’ and that only if we exercise the virtue of patience with others, will we receive it in return when we need it the most.

They’re always proud of you

Parents are our own personal cheer squad. Going through life, sometimes we all feel the need of encouragement and motivation. We work hard, we persevere against all odds and we try to make most of every difficult situation that comes our way and all of this becomes more tolerable when we have someone telling us how proud they are of us and how we should never stop pushing because only great things are in store. Though this ‘someone’ should ideally be yourself, the fact that you have your parents backing you up always helps. Even though your parents may not be articulating this in a vocal manner, their strong presence and silent support is loud enough to let us know that they have, will and always be proud of us, no matter what.

You’ll be fine

Life can be hard, especially when you’re alone for the first time with your first job in a new city, trying to make it all on your own. Now, many of us would disagree with the fact that everything in life turns out fine, because, let’s face it, it doesn’t. The future that a fifteen-year-old you saw of a twenty-five-year-old you and the reality of the situation are likely to be very different. However, here’s the thing, when our parents told us ‘you’ll be fine’, they didn’t mean that everything was going to be perfect, what they meant was that even when things go wrong, we will have the strength to pull yourself back up and continue with renewed vigor. In retrospect, seems pretty perfect right?

You’ll never be alone

Last but not the least, what your parents aren’t telling you but are constantly implying is that you’ll never be alone in your entire life. Yes, you may live alone in a different city but you’re not alone, you may spend a lot of weekends curled up on your couch with a blanket and Netflix for company but you’re not alone, you may have a meal occasionally by yourself but you’re not alone. As they say, your parents will be in one of the three places – in front of you to cheer you up, behind you to have your back or next to you so that you never have to walk alone! And sometimes when it’s a cloudy day and the wind is blowing relentlessly outside, it is mighty comforting to know that you’ll always have your parents in your life and no matter where you are or what you’re doing, you’ll never be alone.

We grow up thinking that our parents never understood or struggles or our fears, the truth, however, is the fact that they made sure not to show us theirs!

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