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Why Brands Should Look At Localising Campaigns

Go global, think local!

Every year, brands spend a lot of money in coming up with campaigns that are effective worldwide, ensuring that its reach goes beyond just beyond one or two cities. Ironically, even though we live in a connected world, most of us are concerned about what is happening in and around our immediate surroundings. At the end of the day, the success of a brand lies in the people and how effectively was it able to create awareness and top of mind recall that no matter where we are, even the littlest bit of association, triggers a sense of recognition. To launch an expensive campaign is one thing, but to create something that manages to imprint itself in the mind of consumers is a whole different challenge altogether. One way of doing this is by localising campaigns, giving your audience something familiar and nostalgic to hold on to. If brands and businesses want to create a campaign that people think fondly about for years to come then tapping into the emotions of its consumers is critical. While going global definitely gives the brand more international leverage, it falls short of remaining cultural prevalent among societies in which it actually matters. And even though there will always be a debate on global vs. local, it bodes well to remember that sometimes, less is more. In that spirit, here are a few reasons why brands should look at localising their campaigns for better effect.


When a brand releases a campaign that talks internationally while their main target audience within the city, there’s an immediate disconnect and once a disconnect us made, the recall factor goes down by quite a bit. If brands truly want to create a memorable campaign that keeps its audience hooked years after its gone live, the best way to do it is to create a common factor between the campaign and what they hold most dear to them.


Building loyalty is probably one of the most important tasks a brand has under its belt and we’re loyal to something or someone that has managed to influence us in a very significant way. From being the best brand ambassadors and to key market influencers, brands run on their base of loyal consumers. Hence, the more you localise a brand campaign, the better chances the brand has at getting consumers who will stay with them for life.

Interactive & Experiential

You know a campaign has worked when it’s manages to go beyond being a video or an advertisement to an experience that creates a lot of interaction and engagement around it. This interactivity is primarily achieved when you give your consumers localised campaigns that they can personally relate to. At the end of the day, the more people you have talking about it, the more successful your campaign is.

Breaks the Clutter

Sometimes, we all get so caught up in going big, that we forget how important it is to stick to our roots and start small. Localised campaigns functions on a few principles like creating an emotional connect with the consumer, situational familiarity and nostalgia marketing. In a world where everyone dreams of going international rather than staying local, localised campaigns works because it manages to break the clutter.


Last but not the least localising campaigns add value to the brand, both monetarily and otherwise. Going global with a business is one of the ways of strengthening a brands presence but if you’re looking for immediate ROI with your target audience, the more localised your campaign is, the better. From increase in sales to direct acquisition of talent and end consumers, when brands manage to master the art of localising campaigns, they immediately become closer to creating a more long lasting impact in the market.

The closer it is to your heart, higher the chances that you’ll remember it forever!

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