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Why Employees Should Matter More Than Clients

 “Clients to do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.” – Richard Branson

The most important thing to any business is its employees and hiring a group of far sighted, ambitious individuals is essential. Employees are more than just the worker bees of an organizational structure; they are more like the backbone of a company, like a sturdy skeleton which manages to keep everything together and running smoothly. However, sometimes, the true value of employees goes unnoticed. People say that once you have something great which is also constant, you start taking it for granted and this is every employees’ biggest fear – being taken for granted. More often than any employer cares to admit, a swift role reversal tends to happen between the clients and the employees of an organization. Somewhere among the meetings, deadlines and heightened expectations, one tends to become more important than the other and that one is almost always the client. Of course the more clients you have the better your organization looks and more money it makes, but this is not the way. In an organizational structure, employees should always come first in terms of priority as their value exceeds more than that of a client, because at the end of the day, when you lose your employees you lose your clients faster. To drive this point home, here are some reasons why your employees should matter more than your clients.

Organizational Development

Employees are crucial to organizational development. Improving a company’s performance and individual development of its employees are key to organizational development. When employees develop within an organization they help the take the company along with them as well. Each organization should be viewed as a coherent system composed of separate parts and an integral part of an organization is its employees.

Best Brand Ambassadors

Every company needs its own brand ambassadors. When it comes down to what people outside of the company think about the organization, your employees are your best bet. They share knowledge, build community, engage directly and helps carry forward the organizations’ culture, value and ethos. It is the employees who ensure that the company’s perception outside its four walls are positive and healthy. Which is why, the employees of an organization are its best brand ambassadors.

Grow Themselves and Others

“Employees are the heart and soul of a business; they are the mechanism that makes a business run and they are the breath of life that enables a business to be something more than an idea.” When employees grow within a company, they thrive and subconsciously (or not) inspire others to follow the same upward path as well. Responsible for the overall development of the organization and each other, without hardworking employees, an organization would be nowhere.

Generate Viable Opportunities

All organizations need to generate viable opportunities if it wants to take things to the next level. When a company is started, the dream is to build it across verticals to make it a self-sufficient, well-oiled machine that is capable of not only getting its own clients and clientele but worthy enough to retain them as well and employees are critical to ensure that this dream comes true. You don’t have to be in sales or marketing for generating viable opportunities, all you have to be is an employee of an organization

Stimulates Happiness

What’s life without happiness? One of the biggest motivating factors of getting up and going to work every day is whether or not it makes you happy. The minute you can find happiness in your work, more than half the battle is won. Within an organization it is the employees who understand the dynamics and know how to deal with fellow colleagues when they’re upset, thereby facilitating happiness. They also know the blend of work, how to motivate others (and themselves) to function more efficiently and the value of work friendships. They exude an ever positive energy even in the most stressful of times and share it around, thereby creating a happier office.

Here’s to the employees, the backbone of every organization!

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