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Why Finding a Workout Buddy Is Worth It

A workout is always better with friends!

Remember the days when you actually manage to get back home early from work, determined to squeeze in an hour of workout time, only to suffer from real lack of motivation at the last minute? Well, we’ve all been there. Exercise is a tricky thing. When it’s lacking from our lives, we’re made very aware of its absence but then when we get an opportunity to rectify this, we somehow manage to fall short. But to every cloud there is a silver lining and in this situation, it comes in the form of a workout buddy. Working out by your lonesome can get a little boring and monotonous (even though some may prefer going solo rather than being accompanied by someone else). However, with a workout buddy motivating you to stay on track, an hour or more of exercise doesn’t seem as intimidating anymore. Here’s why hitting the gym with a workout buddy is a good idea.

For Motivation & Support

One of the biggest reasons for a failed workout session is lack of motivation. While we’re all aware of the positive effects of exercising, sometimes it takes all that we’ve got and a little more to convince ourselves to hit the gym. However, with a workout buddy by your side, motivation will no longer be a problem. Having someone in the corner cheering you on, supporting you no matter what, is quite a driving force.

Keeps Form on Point

Once you hit the gym, it’s not only about maintaining the routine; it’s about ensuring that you stay on point. Once you find the right person to go to the gym with, your workout buddy becomes your own personal trainer and vice-versa. Always encouraging you to raise the bar and correcting you when you make obvious mistakes, there’s nothing better than having a workout buddy who’s always got your back at the gym.

Healthy Competition

Exercising is all about healthy competition and pitting yourself against a fellow gym partner to see who completes more miles on the treadmill or who manages to kill it with the dead lifts. Enter your workout buddy. At the gym (or anywhere else), your workout buddy is both your arch rival and your best friend, always pushing you to go that extra mile. What’s life without a little bit of competition, right!

Increases Commitment

If you want to immerse yourself in a workout, then the first thing that you need is unwavering commitment. Certain studies show that the intensity of a workout is much more when you’re exercising with someone else than when you’re doing it by yourself. The truth is that when you’re ripping it with your workout buddy, you not only begin to perform better, but you start doing so with more commitment.

It’s Always Fun

Last but not the least, when you turn a chore into an activity that’s also fun, it all becomes worth it. From the point of view of social contact to being able to try out different things together, when you can get in a serious workout without being serious, you’re motivated to come back for more. So, if you want to bid boring workouts a firm goodbye, then you know what to do!

Find your workout tribe and never let them go!

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