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Why It’s Important to Unleash the Child in You

This one’s for the inner child in all of us!

Indulging your inner child may seem like a very frivolous idea, especially on an everyday basis. Imagine, a regular day in office with you sitting on your swivel chair, twirling around and eating candy floss, sounds ridiculous, right? But that’s the line along which we think when someone asks us to ‘unleash our inner child’. Ironically, revisiting the good old days is not really just about ‘being goofy’, it’s also about embracing a time when things were simpler and purer. So much so, many studies have shown that it can often be the “cornerstone of our health, happiness, and well-being.” Therefore, as a tribute to the sticky fingered five-year-old living inside us, who is just looking for an opportunity to let itself lose, here are a few reasons why we all should attempt to unleash our inner child this Children’s Day and why it’s so important.

Joy of Excitement

When was the last time you were really, genuinely excited about something? Difficult to remember, isn’t it? Back in the good old days, we used to get excited about nothing and everything. From a five rupees Orange Stick from Kwality Walls to a bus ride with our mates from school back home, it was enough for us to know that we were with our friends, enjoying the things we loved. When we grow up, it’s this joy of excitement that becomes very hard to find while subconsciously we’re all in the pursuit of it. So, from time to time, embrace your inner child and allow yourself to be consumed with excitement.

Unending wonder

The thrill of experiencing unending wonder in every aspect of life is something that we all used to do when we were kids, but as adults, not so much. Adulthood can be a bit mundane, what with unending deadlines, presentations, social conventions and a nine to five life that always gets extended. By indulging your inner child, you allow yourself to forget about adult responsibilities and look at the world through a child’s eyes instead, which in turn helps one repair and elevate oneself from deep insecurities, problems or doubts. Reconnecting with your inner child facilitates unending wonder and is crucial for a happier life.

Happiness in Simple Things

“Happiness can be found in the most unlikely of places, all you need to do is remember to turn on the lights!” In this case, ‘turning on the lights’ is a metaphor for unleashing your inner child. Our childhood was all about finding happiness and joy in simple things. It didn’t matter how expensive things were or which brand of clothes we were wearing, what mattered was how much fun we managed to have with so little. At the end of the day happiness is letting your inner child out for a day.

Ability to Dream

The ability to dream is one of the joys of childhood that we all want back in our lives. When we were kids, nothing stopped us from dreaming, irrespective of whether that dream was big or small. Our dreams today are usually tied to our goals, to an end objective, but when were children, our dreams were a medium through which we managed to construct a reality that filled us with unending wonder. It is this childlike wonder associated with our dreams that we all miss today!


Last but not the least, no one can make it through life without belief. Whether its God, UFOs or rainbows, believing in something is like an anchor that manages to keep us rooted while encouraging us to have faith in whatever we doing. One of the best things about our childhood was the unfaltering faith, that no matter how bad things were they’d eventually turn out fine and this was primarily because of our strong belief system. Therefore, this Children’s Day, unleash your inner child and your child like belief system which will never fail to make you look at the bright side of things.

Be a little wild, unleash your inner child. Happy Children’s Day, everyone!

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