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Why Secret Santa Is an Important Office Tradition

Santa has a secret and he’s not about to tell you what it is!

The act of giving gifts has become so intricately linked with holiday’s (especially Christmas) that without it, the holiday feeling doesn’t really set in. However, irrespective of whether it’s materialistic or not, gift giving has its own set of social implications and importance that cannot be overlooked. In fact, according to Dr. Harry Liebersohn, a professor of history at University of Illinois, “gift exchange is one of the oldest and most widespread ways for people to communicate.” However, there is to this age old tradition a modern twist, a twist which goes by the name of ‘Secret Santa.’ Secret Santa, is a ‘game’ (for want of a better word) which is often played at holiday parties and family gatherings where people are assigned to buy present for another person, anonymously. The entire thrill of the game revolves around this anonymity and the anticipation of trying to find out who your ‘Secret Santa’ actually is, while enjoying receiving gifts which are often fun and whimsical. Of all the places where ‘Secret Santa’ is played, it holds most value when played in office with your colleagues. Why? because as a tradition ‘Secret Santa’ holds certain significance. This new form of gift giving brings people closer together while reminding us of the joy of generosity, among others and if you’re still wondering why it is an important office tradition, then maybe these reasons will be compelling enough.


Building a strong office culture is very important. It’s what defines the workplace outside the four walls and it’s what draws people to be a part of the organization. Office culture need not necessarily revolve only around work ethics, instead, office culture is about how you have fun together as a team. How you make things better for each other, how much you care for the overall well-being of your colleagues and a tradition like ‘Secret Santa’ that’s all about doing something together goes a long way in cementing an organizations office culture.


As the average time spent at work with your colleagues keeps increasing, fostering a feeling of friendship and camaraderie with the people you work with has become very important. Building positive relationships with your colleagues at work is now a priority and in some cases, a means of survival and if you’re thinking of ways to put your best foot forward, then starting the tradition of ‘Secret Santa’ is a good place to start. What better way to spread some love and cheer than anonymously giving your beloved colleagues presents, right?


The crux of ‘Secret Santa’ lies in gift giving. However, the best part about this tradition is that the gifts need not be branded or even remotely expensive. In fact, the funnier and the more whimsical they are, the better! Which is why, ‘Secret Santa’, is a great opportunity to let your creativity flow. Think outside the box and find reasons that you know will make your colleagues smile. Take advantage of inside joke, pet peeves, likes and dislikes and turn it into a game which is known for its inexpensiveness, ease and creativity.


Facilitating healthy competition at work is always good and when this healthy competition brings with it a whole lot of fun, then it’s even better! The thrill of ‘Secret Santa’ lies in the mystery and of keeping the gift givers identity a secret and if you’ve played this game before, then you’ll understand that half the fun lies in engaging in a friendly tussle between work friends in trying to figure out who your ‘Secret Santa’ is and what’s the best gift you, as a ‘Secret Santa’, should give someone.

Common Ground

Last but not the least the tradition of ‘Secret Santa’ does one thing very well, and that is fostering team spirit. Everyone will agree with the fact that without team spirit, team work cannot happen and without team work, any organization runs the risk of falling flat. We all dream of a team that works well together and understands the strengths and weaknesses of each team member and when you have fun traditions doing the rounds in office like ‘Secret Santa’, there’s no escaping it!

So, is Secret Santa coming to your office this year?

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