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Why Should You Feel Particularly Patriotic on Republic Day

To a relationship that can never fade away.

Why is it important to stand together, love and respect our country as well as one another? Why is it important to feel the pride surging from within every time you see the national flag flying high, or when you hear the National Anthem play somewhere? It’s because we all have a deep, inherent connection with our country and the gorgeous sub-continent that we all call home. Patriotism is sometimes a concept that’s hard to grasp, given that it is so subjective. Everyone has their own way to expressing this emotion and what might be a patriotic gesture to one person may not be to someone else. This innate pride for ones place of origin and the willingness for it to thrive is something that comes out very prominently during some specific days, Republic Day being one of them. This 26th January, as the entire nation gets together to celebrate its 68th Republic Day, here are a few reasons why we should bring out the patriot in all of us all the more.

For our heritage

Our country is vast and so is its heritage. From an illustrious past to a magnificent present, very few can compare itself to the culture and the heritage of India. From a glorious homage to the great dynasties of the past to the pride associated with the new age revolutions, this Republic Day, we come together to celebrate everything that makes up this wonderful sub-continent.

For our flag

The ‘Tiranga’ is a source of pride for every Indian, irrespective of whether they stay in or away from the country. The significance of the Indian flag is immense, from the colours to the Ashoka Chakra in the middle; it facilitates a sense of honour to the Indian public like none other. This Republic Day, we come together to celebrate the most iconic national symbol of this wonderful sub-continent.

For our principles

India is a country of principles. Here, it is very crucial to understand the difference between principles and rules. While rules dictate, principles guide, while one holds back, the other allows you to find your potential and reach its peak. The principles that constitute India are rock solid and to be proud of. So, this Republic Day, we come together to celebrate the principles of this wonderful sub-continent, that makes it what it is.

For our people

What’s one of the key things that make a country what it is? It’s the people. From attributing a personality to giving it life, India is its people given that unified national identity is what makes a nation a cohesive whole. Unique, diverse and extremely endearing, this Republic Day, we come together to celebrate the people of this nation, who are literally the heartbeat of the sub-continent.

For our nation

Last but not the least, while it is important to celebrate the parts that make up a whole, it is equally important to celebrate what they ultimately constitute. Therefore, this Republic Day, we come together to celebrate the nation itself, without which we would have no home, no identity and in some way, no sense of purpose.

Happy Republic Day everyone!

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