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Why Video-Gram Is the Next Best Thing

If pictures speak a thousand words, then imagine how much video would have to say!

Over the past couple of years, Instagram as a social media platform has taken the world by storm. If you were doing something in life and not Instagram-ing it, it’s equal to trivializing the nature of the activity. The best part about this app is that it’s a whole lot more than just taking pretty pictures, putting a filter to it and hashtag-ing the life out of it. Apart from gaining a lot of traction, this platform and has grown leaps and bounds as a forum that has inspired people across the country and across all genres. At the end of the day, we’re all looking for inspiration – from the environment, the work we do, the people we meet, no matter what it is, we’re looking for that one thing that will make us stop in our tracks, take a deep breath and completely change our outlook on things, and when it comes to inspiration, Instagram hits the nail on the head. But hold the phone, did you know about the newest feature of this platform – Video-gram?! If, not, let us tell you that it is absolutely the coolest thing to experiment with currently and here’s why.

video-gram instagram engage video content awareness brevity


When it comes to communicating, the trick is brevity. Whether it’s a visual or a video, keeping the key messaging short always helps drive the point home. Therefore, it’s no coincidence that Video-gram allows you to record your piece ranging from 3 to 60 seconds. When you think about it, 3 to 60 seconds is a lot of time, once you break it up and figure out what you want to say. The advantage with this is that, whether it’s for business or for personal reasons, that time window is perfect for driving the point home while imprinting it on the viewer’s mind. However, at the end of the day, the shorter the better principle is definitely one of the things that makes Video-gram a revolutionary tool.

video-gram instagram engage video content eye catching

Eye Catching

A thumb rule when it comes to communication is that the piece should be as visually appealing as possible, rather than being heavy on words. The reality today is that when it comes to catching someone eye and attention, videos are the way to go. Research shows that not only do videos provide more than 50% increase in your audiences understanding of your product or service compared to pictures, but the likelihood of them purchasing it increases as well.  Moreover, it is also a fact that users tend to engage with videos on their phones a lot more than just pictures, making Video-gram all the more relevant and effective. As we said before, if picture speak a thousand words, the worth of a powerful video is priceless.

video-gram instagram engage video content awareness brand build


When it comes to pictures versus videos, another area where videos have the edge is that they are more engaging, and since the very basic crux of Instagram as a platform is to facilitate engagement, Video-gram pretty much hits the nail on the head. Study shows that consumers tend to act on CTA’s on videos over and above any other mode of communication, which itself serves as a testimony to the engagement levels that it brings to the table. At the end of the day, man has survived all these years by literally noticing things more, which is why movement triumphs anything that is static and grabs our attention effectively while keeping us engaged.

video-gram instagram engage video content awareness


In today’s day and age, no one has more than a few second to look at content on social media. The challenge, therefore, lies in picking the right medium and the right method to ensure that what you’re trying to communicate achieves its end goal within that time span. Videos are great for creating brand awareness in a short span of time, which makes it another reason why Video-gram is the next big thing in the industry. A simple, powerful, visually appealing video (even if it is for only 15 seconds) achieves the end goal of making your audience aware of the brand (be it your business or you, yourself) much faster than written words or even pictures.

video-gram instagram engage video content awareness brand build attractive


Last but not the least, we all like to and want to consume content online that is attractive. For example, the sound of a human voice has a magical ability of converting information into meaningful content just like watching something you love, immediately draws you closer to it.  When you share content on social media, the objective of it should be that it’s so attractive that people won’t be able to stop themselves from clicking on it and viewing it further.

So, are you Video-graming yet?

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