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Why We Should All Try Going Vegan at Least Once

You won’t know whether you’ll love it or not, unless you try it first!

How many times have you got ‘the look’ when you’ve told someone you’re a vegan? The worlds take on veganism can be divided into two clear extremes. The ones who are staunch believers and the ones who would not convert even if the world was ending and the only thing they could do to save themselves would be, to turn vegan. Overall, veganism has several advantages, those that benefit not only the environment and the planet but us as individuals as well. While many of us make resolutions to eat better, become healthier and go vegan, more often than not, it falls short of our expectations. Given the divided opinions of going vegan, many would simply put a pin on it, making a mental note of revisiting the idea when they’re a little more mentally available to make such a big decision. However, with every person who sees a glass half empty, there’s one who sees it half full. If you’re still a disbeliever, then here are a few reasons as to why you should try going vegan at least once, if not permanently.

Conserves Water

Veganism helps conserve water and given that water has become one of the most valuable resources, this comes as a great benefit. Looking after livestock is a process that heavily replies on water. More the animals, more the resources that are utilized on their upkeep. This not only means the excessive consumption of water but also the facilitation of collateral damage like water pollution. We’re all looking to do something that helps us contribute towards saving the environment. By going vegan, we are subconsciously helping in conserving water and playing our part as a responsible inhabitant of planet Earth.

Reduces Energy Consumption

Unnecessary energy consumption and climate change are two areas that can be considered as mankind’s’ biggest challenge where we have severely fallen short of. Animal husbandry is one of the biggest causes of increased emissions of greenhouse gases like Carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide, which in turn is one of the major causes of climate change. Feeding farm animals requires massive amounts of grain and water as it is and then the added steps of processing, transporting and storing proves to be even more energy extensive. By going vegan, you’re helping by reducing energy consumption, even if it’s one person at a time.

Keeps You Healthy & Energized

A vegan you is a healthier you and as a result, a happier you. Veganism involves removing the consumption of meat, eggs and dairy from your diet. The biggest drawback of this is that meat, dairy and eggs are very rich sources of natural protein, iron and vitamins and suddenly getting rid of them can be a bit of a shock for your body. However, what we conveniently forget is that some of the things that qualifies for a vegan diet are extremely high on those things as well, without the added disadvantages like fat and cholesterol that are there in meat, eggs, etc. Yes, your friends and family will ask you a million questions, but at the end of the day you’ll know what you’re doing is not only making you healthier but it’s keeping you energized, upbeat and happy as well.

Pocket Friendly

Living by yourself in a new city for the first time? Rent taking up more than 50% of what you make in a month? New job, new lifestyle and no money? If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then you should seriously consider going vegan for some time, if not permanently. Veganism is incredibly pocket friendly. With high expense items like meat and dairy eliminated from your shopping list, you’re left with more money to spend. Don’t fret though, it’s not like you’ll have less options to choose from. In fact, when you go vegan, you’ll see that you suddenly have more money to pick from a wider variety of ingredients. We’re talking leafy greens, luscious fruits, healthy nuts, quinoa, berries and a whole lot more!

It’s Delicious

Last but not the least, whoever said vegan food isn’t delicious, clearly doesn’t know what he / she was talking about. Going vegan does not mean that you’ll have to give up eating hamburgers, ice-creams, sandwiches and basically everything that you love. Going vegan means eating a healthier version of all those things. Veganism is slowly becoming a trend and as all trends, this one too is catching on fast with the millennial. Today, everything has a vegan version to it. From burgers to shakes, from pizzas to cookies, all the sinful indulgences that you would otherwise feel guilty about after eating, can now be enjoyed in its healthier and more beneficial form and rest assured, it is equally (if not more) delicious!

Go vegan for the planet, go vegan for yourself.

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