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Why You Should Opt for A Standing Work Station

Stand up straight, stand up tall!

One of the best things about growing up is getting to be independent and a big part about being independent is getting yourself a job and a paycheck that only you are the master of. However, as thrilling a job is at the beginning (irrespective of whether you’re a fresher in the market or a veteran), a nine to five comes with its own set of drawbacks. While dealing with unreasonable deadlines, multiple presentations and work place pressure are a few worries a job brings with it, the toll that it takes on one’s health is the biggest disadvantage yet. Unfortunately, our working life is such that it doesn’t allow us the time to look after ourselves as much and as often as we would like to. Sitting continuously for nine hours or more does more damage than you can imagine and that too not only to your body but to your mind as well, in fact some even say that being sedentary for such a long period of time is equivalent of smoking one entire pack of cigarettes! Fortunately, there’s a way out – standing work stations! Now, a standing work station may not be something that everyone would opt for by choice, but here’s the thing, it does bring along with it a lot of advantages, taking care of your health being one of them. And if you’re still not convinced about this concept, then here are a few good things that standing work stations do for you that may convince you to think otherwise.

Keeps You Energized

Lethargy to your health is like Kryptonite to Superman. Sitting on a chair, hunched over a desk for hours on end does nothing but damage to your health. The reason why is very simple, the more we sit, the more used-to we become of sitting, so much so that even getting up to go to the printer to collect documents seems like a bad idea. A standing work station helps you keep yourself on your toes because when you’re standing, you’re more prone to moving around!

Easier to Maneuvre

Whether you’re racing for a presentation or to complete a deadline, if you’re not fast, you’re nothing. When you’re sitting and working, maneuvering around your work place automatically becomes more difficult, especially if there’s a space crunch.  However, when you have a standing work station, all someone needs to do is tell you something and you’re already one step ahead when it comes to moving around to get the job done.

Good for Your Posture

When you sit for hours on end without getting up from your work station, you’re doing more harm than good without realizing. Sitting for prolonged period can cause muscles to seize and eventually spasm and if it gets out of control, then you even run the risk of causing almost permanent damage to them. When you operate from a standing work station, you move around more subconsciously, which in turn helps maintain regular blood flow to your muscles thereby keeping them healthy.

Builds Core Strength

One of the biggest complaints that we all have as professionals is that we’re not left with enough time to get in our daily dose of exercise. But with an unending to-do list and a never ending flow of work, what is the solution to this? Conducting your day to day operations at work from a standing work station! It not only helps you build your core strength but increases muscle mobility, concentration and productivity levels as well. The more you stand the more you move and that’s exercise in itself!

Always Ready for Action

Last but not the least, functioning from a standing work station helps you keep your eyes on the ball at all times. Sitting and working is something we get plenty of practice at, but if you want to really be alert and always ready for action, then a standing work station is definitely the right choice for you. Moreover, research has shown that when you’re standing and working, you benefit from improved health as well as engagement and concentration, so it’s definitely a win-win for all!

A change in lifestyle is something that comes from within, but when it does, it makes everything else so much better!

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